Alright, the columns for weeks 13 and 20 are cancelled, unless I can a lot of typing done, really fast. The column for October 27 will probably be cancelled as well, but I'll put up a notice about that in two weeks. *sweat drops* I'll try to get it done. I had a plan and everything, I just needed to find a poem in a book by Shel Silverstein. Which shouldn't be a problem, considering I'm a library aide and have 50 minutes in the library every weekday. So, I'm hoping you will still review this column when you read it! And I'm really sorry I'm behind, I really am. Um. Well, if this was monthly, I could do it. I'm starting to see why Fictionpress made it that way. *grumble grumble* Anyway, if you are bored, and have nothing to read, I recommend Take 1,827,105 by Sour Schuyler on

.And no, I cannot do this without shameless advertising once in awhile. I'm desperate for reviews, sorry. *smiles meekly* Uh, it's really good! It's got 75 reviews, my most popular fanfic so far! Um. yeah! So read it! It's a Sonic fic! Uh. right.

^.~ Scoo-lair!

(And no, that is not really how you pronounce it. I'll tell you how you do in the next column, okay? Okay.)