My generation- what the fuck is wrong with it?

Everywhere I look, there are people my age and younger, taking drugs and getting drunk out of their minds because they think it's "fun." Sleeping with anyone they can get their claws into, just because everyone else is doing it.

I see people planting labels on themselves and on each other, thinking that the way that they dress and the music they listen to plants them firmly into a set group. And their group has to be better than everyone else's. There are the punks, the Goths, the skaters, the preps, the cheerleaders. There are the really annoying people you get who say "I don't label myself, but if I had to, I would say I am a..." which to me, is labelling yourself anyway. How about, "I don't label myself... so I'm not going to." That's what I say, because I am damn sick of trying to change to fit in. It never worked when I was desperate enough to do it, so now I'm just me. a lot of people don't like that, but at least I don't feel like I have to change who I really am just so I can keep up with the latest teenybopper craze which will change again in a couple of months anyway.

Each group hates the others, and it's pathetic. You can't judge someone just like that, unless you know them as a person. All Goths are depressed. All cheerleaders are bitches. None of this is true, and you can't say it is, because you haven't MET all of these people. They are judged by their labels, their stereotypes and it's so goddamn immature.

Someday all these people are going to be the ones who decide what happens to our world. And that scares me a lot, because some of them can't even control their own lives without having to mould themselves into someone else's image all the time.

I'm not saying everyone is like this. There are so many lovely people around, genuine, kind... but the majority right now seem to be the exact opposite.

It makes me sick, all the fakeness, all the phoney people. It makes me wonder when it's going to end, because surely this Hell on Earth can't last forever?

Even worse, are the people who act depressed because they think it's cool. It makes everyone look at the people who really do have problems in a different light, and class everyone who's' depressed as a "poser." I hate fake people. I think anyone insecure enough to pretend they are someone else doesn't deserve to be alive in the first place. They should all be shipped off to a remote island somewhere, and leave behind the people who don't try to be something they're not.