Giving Life A Chance
My opinions on abortion and Christianity

Once, not so long ago, I participated in a chat online about abortion. There was someone there who disagreed with it totally, and other people told them what right-wing Christian views they had. Why does it have to be Christian, just because they disagree?

I have news for you. I am a Christian. And I think that, depending on the circumstances, abortion can in fact be justified. I disagree with it being used as an alternative to contraception, and I don't think that people should just get rid of a child because they don't want it- if they didn't want it, they ought to have been more careful in the first place. Do I sound too harsh? Because I'm not just spouting out my opinions with nothing to back them up. As we speak, I am six months pregnant. And seventeen years old. And a Christian. How does one get into such a situation?

It was a hard decision to make, whether or not to keep it. You can't go around blabbing your views on something so serious unless you have experienced something to do with it yourself. I know that now. There are rape victims who become pregnant. How many of them would want to keep a child which may only bring back painful memories? There are people in the wrong kind of financial situations, people who are far too young. Then there's the really appalling one, the people who are pressured into getting rid of an unborn child by parents or friends... or members of their church. It happens. But it doesn't automatically mean that all Christians are so narrow-minded that they go to anti-abortion rallies and boycott clinics.

And how many people who do such things are actually men who know they will never have to experience the life-changing decision of abortion first-hand? At least half of them. You can't form a reliable opinion on something so serious with nothing to base your views on. Because what are you going to do if something happens and you have to change what you think is right and wrong? It's far easy to keep an open mind on such matters right from the start. I'm not saying that it's wrong to have an opinion on it, obviously, because everyone should have their own views on everything. I just don't think it's right that the majority of people who hate abortion have never had any first-hand experiences with it.

Adoption as an alternative to abortion (according to a girl I know who has been there) is not a good idea. She found it so hard carrying her baby for nine months, knowing that at the end, she couldn't keep and was going to be giving it away to someone else. But she couldn't "kill" it, because certain people had sent her on such a huge guilt trip, that she never would have forgiven herself.

Is a foetus a living thing? Yes, it is. And although it has no thoughts and emotions in the early stages, many believe it is still murder. That's not for me to say, it's up to the individual to decide what they think. So maybe there are a lot of Christians who say abortion is wrong, but it isn't just those who believe in God who say that. Bear this in mind!