The Evil That Men Do

All everyone is talking about at the moment is the war. People keep asking me what I think about it, and throughout the whole thing, my opinion has remained the same: I hate it, and I think it's totally unnecessary. Yes, it's great that the people of Iraq are 'free.' Yes, it's fantastic that they no longer have to live in constant fear of Saddam and his regime. But I believe that war can never be justified. No matter how bad a situation gets, there is always a solution that does not resort to war and violence.

It's all very well for Bush and Blair to try and convince people that Saddam is 'evil' so therefore war must be correct, but war is also evil, and two wrongs have never, and will never, make a right. Saddam may have killed many of his own people, but at the end of the day, by bombing Iraq, the flames of hatred are only being fanned. It is never right to kill innocent people. I fully understand that their main target is Saddam and those who are with him; however, there is never any guarantee that innocent people will not be killed. Surely, a small child who has done no wrong is worth something? Is our society so corrupt that the government sees no problem in innocents dying in their rush to kill the guilty?

I am not disputing the fact that Blair and Bush were both in a very difficult position. After all, they were only doing what they thought they had to do, what they believed was right. But if they really couldn't think of a better solution, then may God have mercy on us all. Who knows who's going to be next? Think of all the poor people of Afghanistan who were killed, injured and made refugees when America bombed that country. And did they ever get Bin Laden? Nobody knows where he is, whether he's alive or dead. And right now, that's the case with Saddam. Who knows what he's doing? Even though he's a potentially dangerous person, at least we actually knew where he was and what he was doing before war was declared. In my opinion, he becomes a far more dangerous person when he is 'missing.' After all, who knows where he is now, what he's planning next?

Britain and America rushed into war without a thought for anybody. Not for those in their own countries, who all disagreed, and certainly not for those in Iraq who have been killed, injured and made homeless due to a decision stupidly made. Also, I think it is very degrading knowing that I live in a country where the average person doesn't have a voice. Whatever Blair decided affected us, the general public more than it affected him. He knows- and we know- that if anyone should declare war on our country, then he will be safe, he has people to protect him. We are the ones who will suffer, and we are suffering now when our voices of reason are being overlooked and ignored. Every day we see on television the biased reports about how 'splendidly' the war is going, how 'perfect to plan' everything is right now. What about that little Iraqi boy I saw on the news last night, with only half a leg? Was it part of the master plan to have such a fragile creature half destroyed like that?

Not once have I seen a television interview with anybody who thinks the war is wrong. It's all been about how Blair and Bush have done the right thing, they had no other choice. I disagree, as anyone with a mind of their own does. Of course war wasn't the only choice. Didn't their parents ever tell them they should walk away from a fight? Weren't they told they should talk to someone before using their fists? I didn't have the greatest parents in the world, but they still taught me basic morals!

I seem to remember that after the bombing of the Twin Towers, America (among other countries) declared a 'war on terror' to stop such a dreadful thing from ever happening again. Well it seems to me that it's now Iraq's turn to declare a war on terror, against America and Britain for our unprovoked attack on them.

So what should Blair and Bush have done instead? I'm not saying that I've got a perfect solution, because I know very little about politics, war, or UN regulations. But I still know what's right and wrong. I've followed the news very, very closely, starting from a few weeks before the war began. I mean, we all knew something was going to happen, didn't we? But it's plain to me that it all happened too quickly. Further negotiations could have been tried. Threats of war shouldn't have been made against Saddam until it was clear that he really did have these weapons of mass destruction that everyone said he had. There is a saying: don't jump into the water with both feet. I believe that this is what happened in this situation. The depth of the water wasn't tested before Bush jumped in, closely followed by Blair.

And they never did find any weapons of mass destruction...

Afternote: I stole the title from an Iron Maiden song =)