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July 15, 2003

12:56 am


His mouth, it twists

A little cruel at night

But in his modest lounge

Becomes polished brilliant and

Comforting like fires

Eyes in lamplight, they

Glow like the dull gray metal

Of a necklace I used to own

Grace and elegance

In a tough and hard little way

Lasts through storms and

Still shines like new

We sit on sofa-chairs and drink

Coffee warm—loving at our fingertips

Watching rain slide down in sheets

And singing songs because we can

He turns his phone-line off for now

So I sit glowing there for hours

And when we talk

About seas and things that

Others never hear

It spills like deep and finer wines

On white and china carpet

Never leaves and makes me laugh

When no-one's there to listen

A/N: eek! More weird and random stuff from me. Sorry to bother you all with it. Please tell me what you think ^_^