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July 15, 2003

1:45 am

Vampire Nights

He awakes at night

At home among the alley-streets

And the shadows under lampposts

To find his little innocent

White maiden of an old and long-gone past

Clothed in school-girl skirts

With her little yellow purse

He moves on her like wicked dreams

Fast and slow with languid grace

There's all the time in the world, my sweet

Yes, all the time in the world.

Eyes shot silver with seduction

Like wisps of dreams and paradise-fruit

Little innocent falls victim to the spell

Here eyes are closed and posture slack

She crumbles in his arms

White maiden fallen to the dragon—prey

And he will feast tonight

A/N: ummm…yes, I realize it's a little weird and…creepy. But it was 2 in the morning! What do you expect? I think I was channeling the Vampire Lestat in a weird and creepy way…although Lestat's eyes aren't silver o_O. But, anyways, despite the weirdness of this, please tell me what you think? ^__^