This is a world where many different intelligent species live which is called Earth. Species on this planet have psi(mental energy), and/or kinetic powers depending on the species. These beings were created due to the extinction and rapid evolution of the Human race, 50,000 years ago. All of these creatures are somewhat related to them despite physical appearances. Nobody knows what happened the the Humans except that they are the decendants of them. The species that were created are the Centry, Centron, Centrek, Cybernoid, Droken, Dragan, Creat, and Elvenian which live on two of the three continents, the third and largest of the three holds great evil and terror that nobody ventures into and those that do never return. Their scientists say that Earth was one of 9 other planets, but whatever happened 50,000 years ago caused all the planets to merge with the original Earth and its propeties took over to form Earth, and possibly the destruction of the Human race.

The kinesises are Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, Aerokinesis, Telekinesis, Electrokinesis, Sirokinesis, and Photokinesis, (these here are rare and difficult to master) Chronokinesis, and Pychokinesis

Pyrokinesis- Ability to control fire.

Cryokinesis- Ability to control ice.

Hydrokinesis- Ability to control water.

Geokinesis- Ability to control earth.

Aerokinesis- Ability to control wind.

Telekinesis- Ability to move objects with one's mind.

Electrokinesis- Ability to control electricity or electrical machines.

Sirokinesis- Ability to control sound.

Photokinesis- Ability to control light.

Chronokinesis- Ability to control time (varies).

Psychokinesis- Unknown, but mostly a more violent and uncontrollable form of psi.


This species looks very human except for their eyes which look very much like snake eyes.

All common Centries have powerful mental abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, forming psi energy, healing rapidly, and read minds. Stronger Centries use more powerful versions and only a few have fully tapped into their mind and use THE POWER which is to see into the future, osmosis, control minds, and pretty much do whatever they want, but all that have attempted and succeded have gone mad and destroyed themselves.


Centrons are 1 of 2 branches related to the Centries. Centries have incredible psychic and physical powers which led to the two "sub classes" known as Centrons and Centreks. Centrons focused on the body and achieved unfathomable physical power and the ability to form armor on their body at will.


This species is the exact opposite of their Centron relatives. They have focused on their mind and have reached incredible levels of mental power that far surpass any other, they even managed to use their psi to fly, but not even they have managed to withstand the force of THE POWER.


Human looking species with enhanced cybernetic skin under their natural skin and solid white eyes. They are also well known for their technical achievements and ingenuity.


Human/Dragon hybrids with great power. They seem related to Dragans but no one knows for sure. A very militaric society, they live very strict lives and have become the largest army of the two continents since every Droken is trained to be a fighter.


Human that morphs into a dragon. This species is also a militaric society though not as strict as the Drokens. The city they live in is very large but built for their Human forms.


Creats are animal/human hybrids who live on the largest ports of both continents, which makes them great places of thieves and salvagers. A good percentage of their kind have been known for such acts and so their kind are looked down apon by the other species. Even so, many have become great leaders and politicians, but not even they could completely stop these acts from continuing.


A very hidden race that are believed to be somewhat like the mythical Elves due to their incredible powers and pointy ears. Some can be seen around various parts of the the continents but they rarely leave the city.

CodeNames will be explained throughout the story. They will not play a significant role until the near end of the story.


NAME: Shune, aka Tyger

CODENAME: Leviathan

AGE: 17 SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION: 5' 10", lean but muscular, black hair that is spiked and slicked back, and black eyes that slit like a snake's

STATUS: Warrior, Mercenary, Specialist, Traveler, Spy, etc

WEAPONS: A single-edged 3' long Katana made from Titanium-steel alloy and coated with diamond. 2 leather gloves with 3 claws apiece made from the same alloy and mineral which are 18" long.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A black cloak that hides his Titanium-steel alloy body armor which holds his weapons. A special mini-computer attached to a black armband that covers his right forearm. He also wears durable yet comfortable black nylon pants and thick sneakers.

ABILITIES: Tyger is also a master of all kinesises except the rare ones.

OTHER: After his parents were killed by the Dark Lord and somehow miracurously survived the slaughter, he was rescued by the military as an infant and trained in all forms of martial arts and fighting styles ever created which he mastered them all by the age of 10. He was able to do this because he was born with a rare mutation in his genes that allowed him to learn by osmosis, one of the abilities from THE POWER, and yet he wasn't affected by madness. By the age of 12 he became an expert of every weapon ever made and extras such as thievery, blacksmithing, tracking, mechanics, and hacking, making him the ultimate "Jack of all Trades". At the age of 15 he decided to see the world and escaped and has become what he is today.

NAME: Dracainya


AGE: 20 SEX: Female


DESCRIPTION: 6', slender but muscular, beautiful, long flowing sea green hair, firey red eyes, light tan skin, and 12 foot wingspan of red wings traced with green on the bone frames, and a 6' long tail.

STATUS: Warrior, General of the Droken army

WEAPONS: Wings (also has attachable razors that connect to the upper bone frame), tail (also has serraded tip attachment that can function as a drill and laser cannon), and a 7' solid steel javalin.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Red/purple full-body spandex suit that shows off every curve, a magnetic glove on her right hand, a 3-horned tiara, and black leather boots.

ABILITIES: Breathes fire and can form weapons out of the elements.

OTHER: Dracainya is lethal with her javalin and is very powerful.

NAME: Jake


AGE: 15 SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION: 5' 4", decent build, short black fur all over his body, and yellow eyes, resembling a black panther.

STATUS: Thief, assassin

WEAPONS: Many 8" long daggers specially curved to function like boomerangs hidden inside his clothes, natural claws and teeth

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A black one-piece ninja suit with hood and black sneakers.

ABILITIES: Can literally disappear into the shadows and knows how to penetrate the most advanced security and make quick escapes.

OTHER: He is a loner who trusts no one except the members of the Savage Rogues who trained him since his youth. His skills as a fighter aren't very good, but he makes up for it by knowing how to kill quickly and other skills against an enemy.

NAME: Sir Daniel of Darwin


AGE: 30 SEX: Male

SPECIES: Centron

DESCRIPTION: 6' 4", very muscular, dark brown buzz cut with gray at the sides, black mustach that trails to his chin, grey eyes that give the impression that he is blind, and a scotish accent

STATUS: Knight, Vigilante, former Head Guard of Empress

WEAPONS: 2 strange shaped but jagged 6' by 2' single-edged swords strapped to his back which can be brought together to form a single 6' by 4' double-edged sword that is twice as powerful.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Casual clothes that vary from day to day. His armor is sort of like a high-tech/middle ages design which completely covers his entire body except his eyes.

ABILITIES: The common powers of a Centron

OTHER: Sir Daniel is the best swordsman of his species but was banished for being found out as the Empress's lover. He currently aids the weak and kills the evil who threaten them as he tries to reclaim his honor.

NAME: Seth, aka Sykes

CODENAME: Behemoth

AGE: 28 SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION HUMAN: 6' 1", lean but muscular, bright red hair (this indicates scale color), and green eyes.

DESCRIPTION DRAGON: 20' tall, built, bright red scales, 15' long tail, stands on two legs, 30' wingspan, looks similar to Draco from Dragonheart.

STATUS: Gunsmith, Captain of Dragan army

WEAPONS HUMAN: 2 Colt Single Action Army revolvers which he modified with his powers so they only work for him and morph into any firing weapon from 9mm pistols to a gigawatt beam cannon.

WEAPONS DRAGON: Teeth, tail, wings, claws, and his guns grow to match his size.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Seth wears a blue and red gi when in the city. He wears black and brown fatigues when in battle or in a military base/camp.

ABILITIES: Dragons were said to be born of the Earth so his powers are increased in his dragon form and like all dragons he breathes fire.

OTHER: Despite his size as a dragon, he is actually one of the smaller of his kind. Their dragon bodies are virtually inpregnable which makes them tough to beat because their scales are stronger than any alloy, but it has an incredible weakness to ice or anything cold, even by the touch of anything cold and their scales will become soft and useless for a few moments.

NAME: Titanus

CODENAME: Quezacotl

AGE: Unknown SEX: Male

SPECIES: Cybernoid

DESCRIPTION: 10' tall, muscular, dark blue hair tied in a pony tail that reaches passed his shoulders, black mustach and beard combination, he has no pupils or retinas so his eyes are just white, but he can actually see farther and better than any of the others.

STATUS: Scientist, warrior

WEAPONS: A 10' polearm with serraded 2' blades at each end and special gloves that bring his cybernetics and bioelectricity together and give his opponents a real shock, but they drain him if he uses them excessively.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A tight white T-shirt and tighter black jeans under his scientist robe.

ABILITIES: None, his species rely on technology and science.

OTHER: His race is the most technically advanced of all the others. Titanus is also one of the brightest scientists of any field from microorganisms to nuclear and laser technology.

NAME: Sister Carol, aka Psycho Carol (combat mode)


AGE: 25 SEX: Female

SPECIES: Elvenian

DESCRIPTION: 5' 5", slender, long crimson hair, pointed ears, black eyes, very sweet and kind except when in combat mode, cute.

STATUS: Former High Priestess of the Holy Fire Temple

WEAPONS: A 5' javalin which retracts into a small rod that she places in her hair.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: She always wears a pure white robe and gold shaw that drapes over both shoulders, in combat mode her clothes change to a skimpy black and red leather getup that hugs her figure tightly.

ABILITIES: She is among the strongest kinesis users of the bunch and is an incredible fighter in combat mode.

OTHER: Carol was a national icon for people to propose a unity of the species of the planet. This led to her getting sprayed by the Dark Mist, designed to turn the one who inhales it into their worst fear (it was designed to kill her since most people fear death but not in her case). Fortunately she only got half the dosage needed and was treated quickly, but unfortunately the one who sprayed her got away and was never found. She remains kind and loving for the most part, but if she sees a fight, gets angry, or is in danger, her fear takes over and she turns into a bloodthirsty, battlecrazed, savage little vixen who thrills on beating the hell out of anybody.

NAME: Count Segir

CODENAME: Quicksilver

AGE: 8000 SEX: Male

SPECIES: Centrek

DESCRIPTION: 7', Black, long black and silver dreadlocks down his back, brown eyes and several tiger-stripped tattos on his face

STATUS: Lord of the Floating City


CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Regal blue robe with red lining

ABILITIES: All mental abilities


NAME: Unknown, simply known as "The Creeper"


AGE: Unknown SEX: Asexual

SPECIES: Unknown, said to be a mixture of many different species

DESCRIPTION: A 6' long lizard looking creature with 6 legs and rainbow colored body.

STATUS: Savage Creature

WEAPONS: Claws, teeth, and tail in its creature form, others vary on transformations.


ABILITIES: A mutated version of Tyger. It can use any weapon along with psi, and the kinesises. It has a unique ability to blend with its environment and shapeshift into any creature and increase its number in seconds.

OTHER: A military experiment gone wrong, this creature is very mysterious and is always near Tyger to either protect him or kill him, possibly because he is the only one like him. Nobody seems to know who or what it is or which side its on, or why it's so interested in Tyger.


NAME: Cyrus

CODENAME: White Lightning

AGE: 50 SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION: 6' 3", slim but powerful, light tan fur with spots and hazel eyes, resembling a cheetah

STATUS: Thief, assassin, Leader of the Savage Rogues

WEAPONS: A 20' chain with 1" thick links and attachable hook or mace. Natural claws and teeth

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A black one-piece ninja suit with hood and a red sash.

ABILITIES: One of the few Creats to have managed to increase their power with their mind.

OTHER: Despite his age, Cyrus still lives up to his CodeName as being the fastest being on the planet. Even his best comrades have trouble keeping up with him. He treats all his comrades like his own children. He's truly not evil, he justs loves to fight.

NAME: King Bahamut III


AGE: 38 SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION HUMAN: 6' 6", built, black and blue hair, yellow eyes, and a small scar on his left cheek.

DESCRIPTION DRAGON: 250' long, bulky, 100' tail, 120' wingspan, four-legged but can stand on his hind legs, black and blue scales

STATUS: King of Dros

WEAPONS HUMAN: A simple double-edge sword and spikes on his boots.

WEAPONS DRAGON: Teeth, wings, tail, head, claws

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Red clothes suited for royalty and a yellow robe.

ABILITIES: Powerful master of kinesis

OTHER: Cruel ruler unlike his father and grandfather, Bahamut has brutally tortured his people with unlawful laws and acts, but nobody dares oppose him for his unmatched power.



A savage species that live to destroy, their strength is a force to be reckoned with.


Vicious race that appeared from nowhere, rumored to have come from Hell because of their ugly and deformed exteriors.


Powerful race that has incredible powers along with their incredible bloodthirst.


An element race that draws their power from the planet and attains physical properties of their surroundings.


A more annoying than deadly species. They come from under the ground like a swarm of bees, but they are incredibly fragile due to their decaying bodies. The only thing dangerous about them is their sheer endless numbers.


Demon versions of Drokens. This species is savage and ruthless in a battle.

NAME: Bruce, aka Rock Crusher


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male

SPECIES: Barbarian

DESCRIPTION: 15" tall, mountain of muscle, pitch black hair in a crew cut fashion, and gold eyes.

STATUS: One of Sydney's Lieutenants andGuardian of the Ruined Gate

WEAPONS: 2 giant 10' sledgehammers with iron bars and 6'X4' heads made from reinforced steel.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Redcloth T-shirt and black pants.


OTHER: One of the three Guardians of the Ruined Gate that leads to the Ruined Continent. All three are brothers.

NAME: Serk, aka Rock Spliter


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male

SPECIES: Barbarian

DESCRIPTION: 12' tall look-alike to his brother Bruce except with red hair and green eyes.

STATUS: One of Sydney's Lieutenants andGuardian of the Ruined Gate

WEAPONS: An 8' double-headed axe with a 4' span with a handle with knuckle protectors at the end.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Black cloth T-shirt and blue pants.


OTHER: One of the three Guardians of the Ruined Gate that leads to the Ruined Continent.

NAME: Sydney, aka Blade


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male

SPECIES: Barbarian

DESCRIPTION: 6' 6" tall, lean but muscular, silver hair that is braided down his back, and black eyes.

STATUS: One of the Dark Lord's Generals andGuardian of the Ruined Gate

WEAPONS: A 4' double-edged sword

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A black samurai type outfit.

ABILITIES: Incredible speed and strength

OTHER: One of the three Guardians of the Ruined Gate that leads to the Ruined Continent. Despite his size, he is actually the strongest of the three.

NAME: Rioko


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION: 6' 4", muscular, blazing red hair that sticks up as if it were fire, large horns on his head, razorsharp teeth, and charcoal colored skin

STATUS: General of the Dark Lord

WEAPONS: His entire body, literally. Even his spit and blood can be used as a weapon.

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A red one-piece gi with a V-shaped opening on his chest

ABILITIES: Powerful master of Psychokinesis

OTHER: A very powerful Demon who claims to rule the dead

NAME: Nubon


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male


DESCRIPTION: In his disguised form he's 5' 8", solid build, long black hair, and empty pits where his eyes are supposed to be, looks like a phophet with the wide brimmed hat and ceremonial kimono he wears. His others forms vary depending on his element

STATUS: Master of Rooks, General of the Dark Lord

WEAPONS: Varies among his changes

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Black and dark green ceremonial outfit with ceremonial staff

ABILITIES: Morphs into any element


NAME: Muriel


AGE: 30000 SEX: Female

SPECIES: Vampire

DESCRIPTION: 5' 10", slender, beautiful, long raven black hair and blood red eyes.

STATUS: Queen of the Dark Realm, General of the Dark Lord

WEAPONS: Fangs and 3" fingernails

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: A tight, black leather outfit that is covered by a black royal robe.

ABILITIES: Shapeshifting, mental powers similar to Centries, illusions, power increases as she ages.

OTHER: With her lifespan she has grown immune to all vampire weaknesses except sunlight, but her realm is so far north that sunlight never enters it.

NAME: Sharu


AGE: Unknown SEX: Female


DESCRIPTION: 7', built, red skin, 14' wingspan, solid black eyes, pretty (a rarity with her kind)

STATUS: General of the Dark Lord

WEAPONS: Claws on her hands and feet

CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT: Black mesh-like armor all over her body except her head

ABILITIES: Can make multiple limbs and controls unknown powers.


NAME: Dipaz


AGE: Unknown SEX: None


DESCRIPTION: 25' tall, literally is a mountain, Black skin and glowing red eyes.

STATUS: General andProtector ofDark Lord's Castle




OTHER: The only one of his kind, Dipaz has evolved into the mythical Golem, the creature who is known to be invincible and have incredible strength.

NAME: Dark Lord


AGE: Unknown SEX: Male

SPECIES: Read Story

DESCRIPTION: Unknown, he has always been shadowed in darkness, thus the Dark Lord.

STATUS: Ruler of the Ruined Continent

WEAPONS: Any he desires



OTHER: Read Story