Part I-The Black Unicorn

           Chapter 1-The Birth of the Black Unicorn    

There were a total of five Natura Goblets, all equally magical, all able to maintain peace and serenity over lands.  The Goblets were created when the World in which we dwell was just a babe, and its inhabitants lived harmoniously with one another, ignorant to curses such as famine, war and hatred.  And in this world, among the Average (those of us who possess no magical traits or powers), there lived Sorcerers of all levels, Mermaids, Dwarves, Elves, Faeries, Centaurs, Unicorns, and Dragons (and some races of which we know nothing, or rather, whose names and habits are not commonly known), all immune, as the Average were, to all types of evil. 

     Except for one.

     The Black Unicorn, the only one of its kind, was created whence a Demon entered into a Unicorn, the most pure and innocent of all creatures, and, as a sort of cruel jest, brought with it all the evil anyone or anything has ever known or will ever know, therefore making the Unicorn it chose the foulest of all things.                 

     Although the Unicorn was now so evil, it was still a Unicorn, and thus a tiny speck of Joy, fearing extinction, harbored itself in the one place the Demon could not bear to touch because it was so lovely (Demons are quite materialistic, you see), the Unicorns gem.  Thus, all Black Unicorns shall still have a way of escaping the demonic instincts within them, thought the little speck of Joy. 

     As a form of ill-meant retaliation, the Demon put a curse on the First Black Unicorn that he should live for-ever and never die, so that the Joy within him would never be able to multiply through the Black Unicorn's descendants (as any potential mates would die before he and, as it was, he was the only one of his kind in the land), and also so that the Black Unicorn would be forced to live with his evil, never escaping it and powerless to stop it and, because of the Joy harbored within him, unwilling, and if willing, unable, to embrace his malicious qualities.

                                         Chapter 2-The Theft

One day, driven by the demon housed within him, the Black Unicorn traveled to the city of Honesty.  Here, in the capital city of the peaceful land I have previously described (which from now on will be referred to as Salamaria), was where the Natura Goblets (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Storm), created to help maintain the land's peace and everlasting safety, were kept.  The Black Unicorn, never tiring, never hungering, (save for what he was soon to steal) traveled for many a day to get from his clearing in the Malé Forest to the city of Honesty.  The night of his entrance into Honesty was heavily rainy, and the rain was so thick it prevented one from seeing but a foot in front of oneself.  Perfect, the unicorn thought, smiling with malice, just perfect.  As he neared the center of the town, he caught sight of a building, which, he assumed, housed the reason for his entrance.  As he drew closer, he realized that the building was more heavily guarded then any he had previously seen.  The Demon, frustrated by the holdup, gave its slave a temporary invisibility and silence charm, so that he would be seen nor heard by the guards.  Thus, the Black Unicorn entered, unnoticed by all guards and was lead by his master  to the door of a poorly lit room, more guards were there, the poor Black Unicorn slipped by them unseen, unheard, like a shadow.  Once inside, the Black Unicorn put a magical light on his horn end and saw that there was naught inside the room but a table and glass case.  The case, oh the case!, held five goblets, each with it's natural component written on it in an ancient tongue, signs and pictures relating to each component on all five (These signs must be why the power of all five Goblets is equal, thought the Black Unicorn to himself).  The Unicorn, powerless to stop himself, trotted towards the case, and it magically opened. . . Moved by the power-hungry Demon, all five Goblets were suddenly air-born.  They then began to float towards the Black Unicorn, following the hungry call of the Demon. . . Suddenly, there were shouts:  "Intruder!  Intruder!  Save the Goblets!"  The door crashed open. . . the guards that entered saw only a light, and began running towards it. . . The Black Unicorn, fully visible now, had time enough to take but one Goblet, the one with flames upon it, before he must run for his life. . .There was a crash. . . The other Natura Goblets had fallen, for the Demon's hold on them had broken. . . The Unicorn ran, for although he cannot die, he is bound to his master, who is not immortal, and he must think of his prize, which, if he is caught, will be returned to it's case. . . his mistress will not be happy with him if he loses the Goblet. . . he must not stop. . . he must keep on. . .