Chapter 1 : Father Figure

"Yes, I know. Yes, certainly, Mr. Prime Minister. I understand that, but you must understand something too, sir. With all due respect, sir, I must make this clear to you. I. Am. Not. My. Father. Good day to you sir."
Allan Rourke sighed as he turned his chair around to stare out the window at the Thames. Allan had hated his father for many reasons, but it was starting to seem like Thomas Rourke had managed to make sure his death would give his son many more problems than he already had. Allan had at first started police work to spite his father, but none were as surprised as he when it turned out he was exceedingly good at it. As Allan climbed the ranks, Thomas had become increasingly nasty, until talk started around headquarters that Allan was slated to take his father's job as commissioner once the older Rourke had retired. This caused something to snap in Thomas, though no one noticed except Allan, and by then it was almost to late.
It had only been the previous winter, and the constabulary was almost completely concentrated on taking down a big-time drug lord that had moved into London from Columbia. After months of work and the loss of a couple good undercover agents, Thomas had been able to formulate a plan to capture the baron of narcotics. It had come to the attention of the police that the Columbian liked to make a big show of force at the exchanges, whether he himself was there or not. From intelligence the undercover cops had turned in, they had been able to determine that if the drug lord was not present to view the proceedings, he was holed up with only a few bodyguards in the warehouse they used as a base. Thomas called a meeting of the upper echelon in the department to outline his plans.
"As you are all aware, tonight we are preparing to apprehend one Domingo Sanchez, a known drug lord. We have set up a fake deal for five million pounds worth of cocaine, and the exchange takes place tonight at midnight. In accordance with the suspect's habits, there will be one squad waiting for him at the exchange itself, and another that will conduct a raid on his base of operations. Lieutenant Brighton and myself will head the team at the swap, while Lieutenant Rourke will head the team that takes on the warehouse. We have info from a reliable source that Sanchez has lost quite a few men lately, and that he will sacrifice men from his personal retinue in order to maintain an illusion of force at the exchange tonight. Squad assignments will be handed out momentarily; leaders will handle all questions and gear requisitions." Everyone filed out of the room except Allan.
"Commissioner," Allan had stopped acknowledging any relation to his father years ago,"I noticed that you have only assigned six men to my group."
"And your point is what, Lieutenant?"
"Sir, while you apparently have a good deal of confidence in this assignment, I do not. What if Sanchez makes a snap decision to keep more men with him tonight? I need at least twelve men to make a thorough and safe job of it."
"Lieutenant, if I had wanted my every action questioned, I would have become a politician in Parliament. You will only need six men in your squad because anything more would be a blatant misuse of manpower. You may leave now."