Well, I was going to end the story there, but it seems that this story needs a few more added features, so, I'm going to put a nice little twist in here. Hope you like it!


"MaryAnn! I know you're in here! Open up!" A voice bellowed. This, however, had a deep southern accent, and was a bit too commanding for MaryAnn's preference. After a moment, she paused and looked at Heidi.

"That sounds like someone I don't want to meet, but I thought I broke his jaw..." She mumbled.

Joshua looked at her, shocked. "You broke his jaw?"

"He insulted the song we created, saying it was meaningless on top of the fact that I couldn't sing. Then he went chasing after me when I left. He deserved a broken jaw." MaryAnn remarked, then she paused. "And he called me a whore." she added finally, crossing her arms and pouting slightly.

"Well, he definitely doesn't sound like he has a broken jaw now." Christain pointed out, earning and elbow to his stomach curtosey of Heidi Inc.

"The question is, do we let him in, or do we let Ms. Reina bring him in within half an hour, if he stays that long." Joshua asked.

MaryAnn bit her lip, looking at Heidi. The both of him knew he would stay that long. Then there would be an extensive amount of explaining. The response was a unanimous sigh.

"Let the idiot in. Maybe we can teach him a thing or two about the real world." MaryAnn grumbled.

Heidi cleared her throat and MaryAnn, catching on to her notion, scooted over to where she was, behind the piano. Joshua shook his head and opened the door, meeting face to face with the one and only Joshua from 1830 Charleston. The significantly older man looked around, then froze when he saw both Heidi and MaryAnn. His eyes wide with fury and shock.

"HEIDI! MARYANN! THE BOTH OF YOU ARE HERE!" He bellowed, nearly plowing through everything to get on the opposing side of the piano.

"Hey! Chill out dude. Those are our goils that you're messin' wid'." Christain exclaimed. His tempramental New York accent reflecting in his mood.

"Exactly, I would recommend returning from wherever you came from and leaving our girlfriends alone!" the 21st century Joshua remarked.
"I beg your pardon? What did you call my fiance?" Joshua demanded.

MaryAnn and Heidi groaned, leaning on each other's shoulders for support. Finally, Heidi spoke.

"He's courting her, because she isn't your fiance. We are in the year 2003, where MaryAnn and I came from." Heidi explained, rubbing her temples.

Joshua looked baffled, while Josh, as we will call him for simplicity's sake, nodded, comprehending why the older male didn't understand a word they said.

"I refuse to accept this. You are to come with me now, away from this sinner-damned church and this unholy path. You are coming with me now. The both of you." Joshua insisted.

MaryAnn rolled her eyes, then confronted him directly. "Look you idiot! I am not from the age before the Civil War, alright. My best friend is an African American, and the constitution is ancient! We are currently having a War against Iraq in order to end all terrorism and then rebuild their society to the standards of democracy in order to avoid the same tyrannical situation that resulted in Adolf Hitler and World War II after we left Germany to the dust for the Great Depression at the end of World War I. Women have had rights for several years curtosey of the blasted amendment, and we have the right to participate in any sport we want because of Title IX. Do I make myself clear? I am NOT going with you back to a place where no one even knows who Abraham Lincoln is yet!"

Josh, Joshua, Heidi, and Christain all blinked, staring at MaryAnn. She looked around then sighed in frustration. Then she looked at Joshua again. "And our religion is NOT unholy. It is the oldest Christain religion in existence and has gone through several alterations since the Vatican II and therefore has changed only slightly from it's original behaviors in the ancient times. Is that understood, oh Protestant One?"

Joshua blinked, completely shocked at the mass of information loaded in a few grammatically incorrect sentences. "What, praytell, did you just say?"

The four teenagers groaned. This was going to take a long time.