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Chapter 2-
Ivannah's Warning


"Where the hell are we going anyway?" Mara asked as the three sat on the bus that would take them downtown to where ever it was Matty was taking them.

Darien shrugged and looked over at Matty, who was sitting on the other side of him, questioningly. Matty just grinned his slightly psychotic grin and gave them a look that clearly said 'You'll see'. Mara sighed and rested her forehead against the window, watching as things passed. People, animals, houses, stores- all a hypnotizing blur, as if she were spinning around really fast. It was starting to make her dizzy when...

"Mara, we're here," Darien said softly to her as they stood up to exit the bus. "Where ever 'here' is." He added as they stepped out into downtown Birmingham. Mara looked around apprehensively, noticing that this wasn't the cleanest places she'd ever been. Matty seemed to be thinking the same thing -although he didn't seem to mind- but Darien seemed totally unphased by the homeless people wandering around and the strangers, Mara was sure they were drug dealers, standing in the shadows.

Darien noticed her staring at him and smiled. "I grew up in New York, Mar. This kinda stuff doesn't bother me." He said after a moment and Mara nodded. "Oh, right." She replied.

"Okay ladies, let's go." Matty said as he started off down the street, totally oblivious to the glare Darien shot at him. Mara giggled behind her hand as they followed.


Two blocks and three of Matty's 'short-cuts' later they found themselves standing outside an old one-story shop with a sign hanging in the window that read 'Ivannah the Great and Amazing Mystic'. Darien raised an eyebrow at his blonde friend as Mara read the sign aloud.

"Oh boy, maybe she can tell us our futures." He said sarcastically, pulling his black hair back into a low ponytail.

"Oh, ye of little faith." Matty shot back, opening the door for them. "She's actually pretty good. My cousin's brother's ex-girlfriend came to her and she said Ivannah was amazing." He grinned. "Hence the sign outside."

"Ya know Matt, this really isn't such a good idea-" Mara started, but was interrupted as a tall woman in flowing robes emerged from behind a curtain of beads.

"Ah, you must be here to have your fortunes read by me, Ivannah the Mystic." She said in a European accent.

"Wow, she's good." Darien muttered to Mara under his breath. Mara smirked, but elbowed him gently. "Shh."

Matty stepped forward. "Well, my friend is," he said, grabbing Mara's arm and pulling her up next to him. "She needs some advice about these strange dreams she's been having."

Ivannah looked at Mara through her silver glasses and smiled a toothy grin that made a small shiver run down her spine. "Ah, yes. Come, come, my children. Into the back." She said as she held aside the hanging beads for them.

Mara hesitated, looking back at her two friends before they walked through the beads and into a small, dimly lit room. It was very exotic looking, actually, with big overstuffed pillows around a low table with a crystal ball on it. Ivannah sat down on one side of the table on a navy blue cushion and motioned for them to do the same. The three complied, Mara sitting across the table from her, while Darien and Matty took seats on either side.

"Now, you've been having dreams, child?" Ivannah questioned mystically, focusing her attention on Mara, who nodded. "Hmm...Dreams are gateways into our subconscious. Tell me of these dreams."

"Well.." Mara started, glancing on either side of her for support from her companions, yet they remained silent. A load of help they were. "They seem very real, almost as if the things are actually happening. And, although they're different every time, it's as if it's all part of some movie that I've only seen parts of. I know they're tied together...But I don't know how I know; I just do." Mara tried to explain.

"I see. And when did your first dream come to you?" Ivannah questioned, very interested in what Mara was saying.

"Umm.." Mara thought. "About a month ago, I believe." She said. "I was walking down this alley when all of a sudden I was falling and landed in this weird looking forest. I heard voices coming towards me, and just when who ever it was was about to break into the clearing I was in, I woke up."

"Mmm..Very interesting, indeed. And you remember every detail of these dreams? As if they'd just happened?"

Mara nodded. "Yes, I remember everything that happened, what was said, what my surroundings looked like...Everything."

"And how many of these dreams have you had, child?"


"You recall all of them?"

"Yes, that's what I just said."

"Tell me of the other three."

Mara did as she was told, recalling the other three dreams she'd had; the second one was of her and someone else running through the forest she'd seen in her first dream, the third of a shadowy figure with a sword coming at her yelling that he was going to kill her, and then the one she'd had last night. While she had been talking, Ivannah nodded and stopped her when she had a question. Now that she was done, the mystic was silent for a long moment, obviously contemplating what Mara had told her.

"May I ask fro what point of view these dreams were?" the mystic asked, earning her a slightly confused look from Mara. "Point of view?' she asked.

"Yes," Ivannah replied. "Were you seeing them from above? Or from a side line view?"

"No, they were from my point of view." Mara said and Ivannah nodded knowingly. "It seems to me that these are more then mere dreams, child." She said, her accent lilting her words. "These are visions of what is to come."

Darien snorted in disbelief, crossing his arms impatiently, though he said nothing. Mara looked at him, then back at Ivannah. "Visions?" she questioned, very confused.

"Visions." Ivannah repeated. "As I told you before, dreams are gateways into our subconscious minds. Most of the time the things we see in our dreams are symbols representing the events that will take place -or have taken place- in our lives. But your dreams aren't symbolic, child. You have the gift of the third eye-" she paused at the confused look on the three teens faces. "You are a Seer, dear. Your subconscious has ascended to a higher plane, allowing you to translate the symbols you have in your dreams and to actually 'see' what will happen." She said, three pairs of eyes focused on her intently.

"If what you say is true," Darien said after a moment, barely concealed disbelief in his voice. "Why are these 'visions' coming to her now?"

Ivannah turned her gaze to him, giving him that knowing smile of hers. "Well that is easily explained, young one." She said as she turned back to Mara. "You have recently had a birthday?"

Mara nodded.

"You've turned seventeen, I presume."

"Yes, how did you know-"

"Yes, yes. The powers of a Seer are very subtle during childhood and adolescence. Am I correct to say that your dreams have always been from your point of view and that they mostly have people you know in them?" When Mara nodded she continued. "Yes, well the powers grow over time. The seventeenth birthday signals that adolescence has ended and that the child is an adult. In the case of a Seer, it means that their powers have finished maturing and it is time for the Seer to learn to master their power. That is why you are only seeing parts of the future. With the proper training, you will master you power and be able to control what you see."

Mara was stunned. She was having a hard time believing what she was hearing. This lady had to be insane. There was no way she was a..What had she called her? A 'Seer'. IT just wasn't possible. There was no logic behind it. No, she wouldn't believe it. There was just no wa-

"This is bullshit. Lady, you've lost your ever loving mind." Darien said, echoing her thoughts. He took her hand and helped her up. "We're leaving."

Matty got up also, although he looked contemplative. Mara wondered if he believed what Ivannah had said.

"Come on, you two. You don't need to hear this load of crap." Darien continued, starting to lead her out, but she stopped. "What?" he asked, exasperated.

"Well, we should at least pay her."

"She's a crock!"

"I don't care. We came here to hear what she said and she told us. She deserves her money. It serves us right for being fools." Mara told him quietly and Darien sighed. "Fine, fine. Here," he said, giving her a twenty. "Go pay the old hag. We'll be waiting outside."

Mara smiled at him and walked back through the beads as Darien and Matty walked out the front door.

"Excuse my friend," Mara told the mystic as she handed her the money. "He's a little miffed."

Ivannah took the money and pocketed it in her robes before looking at her with that knowing gaze. "He cares for you very much."

Mara smiled. "Yeah, well, he's my best friend."

Ivannah smiled back and after a moment said: "It is only natural for you to deny your heritage, child. You have been taught that magic and Seers are myths. But in time you will come to see that what I say is the truth."

"Sure, right." Mara replied nonchalantly as she turned to leave.

"Beware, Mara Thompson." Ivannah called, causing Mara to stop at the curtain of beads and look back. "You are destined for great things, but they will not come easily. Just remember that if you are to follow the path destiny has laid out for you, you must find the strength and courage you hold inside."

Mara rolled her eyes and walked through the beads, but stopped abruptly as she realized. Her body went rigid as if she'd been electrocuted and she slowly turned her head to look back at the mystic. "I never told you my name."

Ivannah just smiled her knowing smile. "You're friends are waiting." She said just as Matty stuck his head in the door.

"C'mon Mar, I gotta meet Liz in half an hour and if I'm late again she's gonna kick my ass!"

Mara looked at Ivannah for a moment longer, before she walked out of the shop, thoroughly confused.