The Brink

I sit here typing as always

Was told years ago that

I would by a clairvoyant

It interested me only to

A point as I'd been prolific


Of course they were right

As is often so yet I write

To express feelings emotions

Oh just imagination as to

Characters events plot

Essentially they are not

But I do love to write

Do it into the night

This outlet in me gives

Expression you see

I'd freeze up without it

Ability to keep my brain

From vegetating due to

 The mundane in life that

Infects us all to points

Oblivion lets us fall

Yet we don't care

Complacent to this it passes

By as normal to the naked

Eye yet apathy can cause

Your doom for death within

Comes outside sooner than

We think if we are taken to

That brink

Copyright © 2003 fabian Cortez