Chapter One

Freak, loser, those are words that I here everyday. I don't care though, I've never done anything to them but they kill me with words. My name is Trinity and I am seventeen years old. I'm a senior at Lincoln High School and most people don't even know that I exist. My father is always drunk and my mother is playing bingo. Me I go to school, do my homework, then go on my computer.

My computer is my gate way to leave the world behind me. I mostly play a game called The Sims. I create my own world of people and there houses. I control what they do, I am god. I bet that God plays with us like I do with The Sims.

I still haven't figured out why everyone things I'm weird. I don't like to talk a lot in school. I don't like to draw attention to myself. I talk to my friends. I would say friend but I have two, so it's friends. WE are all the same person sort of. We finish each other's sentences, and we know when one of us is hurting even if we can't see each other.

My one friend Amy is like my big sister. She's six months older then me and treats me like I'm her kid. She wears mostly ripped black dresses with black knee boots. She has natural jet black hair and blue eyes, which are always covered in a thick layer of black eyeliner. Amy is a moive freak and calls everyone kid.

My other friend is Clay. He's cool, when I'm not at my computer I'm at his house with him and Amy. His parents are divorced and his mother has full custody of him, but she's never home so we always go over there. His hair is a three Mohawks with his blonde hair with blue tips. His eyes are amazing, sky blue eyes that makes girls melt. He usually wears a pair of baggy jeans and a wife beater or a concert T-shirt. In the winter time he always has a hoodie.

And then there's me long, deep red hair in curls that reach down to the middle of my back. I have green eyes, unlike my friends who have blue and my parents who have brown. I look nothing like my family, sometimes I wonder if I'm adopted. They all have straight brown hair and brown eyes. My mother dyes and perms her hair blonde. My usual outfit is a pair of blue jeans and a hoodie or a tang top. But I'll change it up once in a while, I'll wear some of Clay's pants and steal one of his wife beaters and wear that, or I'll wear a random black mini skirt with a matching top. I always have lots of many colored bracelets on and a single silver chain around my neck and sometimes a black ribbon. I wear black eyeliner too like Amy only if stands out more on me on my ivory white skin.

Clay passes me a note in science class. 'Do you want to come over to my house after school?'

I write back, 'OK, is Amy coming too?'

'No, she had to take her sister to the mall or her sister will take away her cigs.'

'That sucks. So it's going to be just you and me.'

'Yeah, so what do you want to do?'

'What we usually do.' I put it back onto Clay's desk when our teacher came and took it off his desk.

The class oo-ed. 'Passing notes in MY class.' Our science teacher said to the both of us. She smelled bad.

'Read it.' Said little Tommy Clarence.

She unfolded the note and started to read it, ' 'Do you want to come over to my house after school? I write back, 'OK, is Amy coming too? No, she had to take her sister to the mall or her sister will take away her cigs. That sucks. So it's going to be just you and me. Yeah, so what do you want to do? What we usually do.' She glared at us and threw out the note. 'Detention! Both of you!' She went back to teaching the class.

'What does she think we're going to do?' He gave me another note.

'Probably going to have sex or something.' I gave it back.

'We're just going to play The Sims or watch a movie.'

'I know that, but she's stupid.'

'I know.'

The bell rang, Clay and I were both very happy about this. The last class of the day done and over with. We would go to our Detentions's on Monday. Clay and I went to his black Tahoe and blared the music. The sounds of Evanesces filled the air, I took my pack of cigarettes out of my bag and lit one then took a puff.

'Hey light me up one, Trin.' I passed him my cigarette and lit another for me.

We all started smoking back when we were in seventh grade. None of us drink, and if any of us do then you know that something is seriously wrong. So basically we have five years of smoking on each of us.

It's almost summer and only a week left until final exams. We all got accepted into Penn. State, Amy's got into the movies, she wants to be a director and producer. Clay wants to be a doctor, I don't know why. And as for me I'm going to be a writer. I write all types of things, romance, action, fantasy, Amy says that she wants for me to write her a movie script.

We pulled in Clay's one story house and went inside.

'Want a soda or something?' He asked me.

'Lemon aide with whip cream on top.' I smiled. Clay came back with a Pepsi for him a lemon aide for me in a tall class cup with a straw.

'So what do you want to do first?' He put his arm around me.

'I don't know.' I sipped my drink.

'How about we' He looked at me.

'Play The Sims.' We went over to his computer and I sat down on his lap. ' Did you figure out where we are going to have our apartment?'

'No, we should all go down there after graduation and find a place.' He clicked the mouse and opened our house.

Our house was two people a girl named Rachel and a guy named Pete. They had a huge house, a hot tub, massage therapist, sky diving simulation, the works.

I finished my drink and Clay finished his, I sat back and put my head on his shoulder. He put his free hand around my stomach and I caressed his hand.

I started dosing off sitting there with Clay at his computer. I was up late last night, again. I wrapped my arms around him and soon fell asleep. When I woke up I found myself in Clay's bed with the covers around me. The curtains were drawn leaving me in complete darkness. I got up to put my shoes on then realizing that I had on only one sock on.

I've been doing that since I was little, falling asleep with my socks on then waking up and finding one of them missing. I took my other one off and threw it against the wall. I walked bare foot out of his room and found him in the basement working out.

'Hey sleepy head.' Clay was running on the treadmill, in shorts with no shirt on showing his well sculpted chest with sweat dripping off.

'How long was I asleep for?' I asked leaning against a pole that was holding up the ceiling.

'About five hours or so. Hey throw me that towel.' I went over and picked up the towel off of the floor and threw it at him. 'Thanks.' He whipped his face then threw it back on the floor. I put my hands on the treadmill and then rested my head on top of them. 'What's wrong beautiful?' He put a strain of hair out of my eyes.

'Nothing just tired.'

'OK, studying late last night again.' He quickened his speed.

'Yea, I need to get good grades in order to pass Clay.'

'You my dear do not need to study as much as you are. Your going to do fine.'

'I guess your right.' I sighed.

'Aren't I always?' Clay kissed my forehead.

'Could you give me a ride home? I really don't feel like walking home.'

Clay jumped off of the treadmill, 'Sure let me just take a quick shower. You can watch TV or go on the computer.

'Ok.' Clay and I went back up stairs. I plopped myself onto the couch and turned on the TV.

I've known Clay since I was in first grade. We met at recess one day when some kids were beating him up. I would go ver and get them off of him. At first he was angry at me, but soon we became friends. Then there as one day when my father was hitting me with my hair brush. I ran from him and couldn't think of any where to go except for to see Clay. I climbed threw his window.

'Trinity is that you?' He asked in the darkness of his bedroom.

'Shah, my dad is drunk again. Could I stay here with you?' I asked shutting his window carefully.

'Sure.' I came over to his bed and climbed in with him. 'What did he do to you?'

'He took my hair brush and was hitting me. I locked my door and then came over here, I don't want him to find me.' I put my head on his chest, 'You won't tell anyone will you?'

'No, people don't need to know about things that don't concern them.' Clay rubbed my back.

We were nine years old when that happened. I would go over and see Clay a lot at night. My dad never knew where I went.

Clay came out of the steaming hot bathroom with a pair of grey sweat pants and a wife beater on.

'You ready to go?' He kissed my forehead.

'Yes.' I stood up and we walked out to his Tahoe. He drove up to my driveway. 'Thanks Clay.'

'Anytime Trin. Call me later if you can.' I opened the door, 'Alright?'

'OK.' I leaned over and kissed his cheek, shut the door, went inside and watched him drive off.