I hope you all enjoyed reading "Nellie" as much as I enjoyed writing it and I want to thank you all for your many reviews; I really appreciated them. Unfortunately because I was so involved in writing my own story at times I often lost track of your stories so now that I am finished I am going to make a concerted effort to rectify that! Now that "Nellie" is finished I'd love it if you could give me any opinions on the story as a whole, whether you enjoyed some bits more than others, some characters better than others, and most importantly- how can I improve it?

For me "Nellie" was begun purely as something to distract me from my pain and give me something to do when I was stuck at home over long periods of time. But it ended up being more to me than that- without sounding too nerdy, it became important to me and I wanted to finish it and make sure it was one of the better stories I had written. For the record I am going to be going in hospital soon (March 28th) and out of action recovering for at least three months so I am going to need something to occupy my time once again and I am pretty sure that something will be another story which I will mention in a moment.

I was reading something in one of the literary journals at Uni and it was suggested that authors often write characters based on people they know, or even themselves, and often events that have worried or upset them or stuck in their mind as a time of happiness. Interestingly Nellie is probably as far from me as you can get. If I were in her situation I don't think I could be as strong a person, nor could I manage to keep on going despite all the bad things that continued to happen to her. However, if I am being honest, Hope is probably the character nearest to me. I don't think I will elaborate on that though! grin

I have got a book full of story ideas and there are so many to write but along the historical line I am probably going to either continue working on "The Winds of Change" (if you haven't read it I would appreciate it if you could have a quick look and give me some feedback on it such as whether I should continue with it or not), or start work on the second story in this series "Jenny." If you have any ideas, thoughts, opinions, whatever please, please let me know.

Once again thank you for reading.

EDIT: APRIL 9, 2005: I have just edited a fair bit of "Nellie" in the past few weeks and uploaded the edited chapters. Basically the edit all revolved around building the relationship with Nellie and Robert. The following are the chapters which have been edited and re-uploaded: 13, 15, 24, 25, 32, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43, 45, 49, 50 and 51. As per usual enjoy.