Comprehension to Confusion
Why the hell are you like this?
You tell me to grow up
Yet you treat me like I am 5
Are you the one who is confused here?
I rebel against you
I don't like fighting with you constantly
But I sure as hell can't talk to you civilized
I never AM home anymore
Simply cuz I don't want to be near you two
You've told me all my life that I am evil
I am 'so fat and ugly and dumb and will never amount'
Well this might be true, but only cuz I believe you
I was always told to trust my father and mother
No matter what they say
Therefore I must
I have not gotten to the point of hatred
But this is because I cannot hate you
If all else fails, we must love due to blood
But that doesn't mean I have to obey you
You don't know what's best for me
You don't even know where I go at night
You think that all I do is get drunk and fucked all the time
You don't realize that I have friends that do love me
And they wont let me do anything that I know I shouldn't
I am closer to them than I ever could be to you
Isn't that a sad realization?
That I love my friends more than my own parents?
Well I guess this world is as harsh as they come
You might as well blame this on me too
Seeing as how I am the worst little girl you could have
But I guess that is cuz I must be a tarnish to your image
I know I am not the greatest child around
But you know..
Just think of how that must reflect about the parents I have