My First Guy

By Crystal Snowflakes

My memories of you,
Are deep in my heart.
And I never knew,
Why we were apart.

You were my first,
You were my life.
My heart burst,
As painful as a knife.

Our love was beautiful,
Joking yet serious.
Especially a handful,
That was us.

Why did you leave?
You left me crying.
You left me to grieve.
Yet you did no weeping.

I wonder if you even cared,
I wonder if you gave a shit..
My heart was impaired,
By our abrupt spilt.

It was if you didn't mind,
That my heart died.
I was terribly blind,
To not see that goodbye.

You came up to me,
Telling me you need to talk.
I smiled with glee,
Thinking you would sweet-talk.

I was terribly wrong,
To think that would happen.
They were wrong,
The words that came out then.

You left me with a shattered heart,
In need of mending.
It was then we went apart,
I needed weeping.

You were not there,
When I needed someone.
I could not bare,
All this on my own.

I wept and I wept,
I was always alone.
I cried before I slept,
As the moon shone.

You put me through a lot.
All the loneliness.
But accuse you I cannot,
For I got myself in this mess.

After all the pain,
I still love you.
I surrender to the rain,
As I think of us two.

My memories of you,
Are still deep inside.
I have to thank you,
All those time you tried.

I still love you...
I really do.
My first guy.