I stared at the wolf,
It stared right back at me.
I locked eyes with his,
His anger I could see.

I felt the wolf's fear,
I knew that he could win,
If we ever fought,
Around this strong wolf's den.

The wolf was angry,
And it wanted to fight.
It wanted me dead,
And far out of his sight.

Where did he come from?
I asked silently.
What was this mad beast?
How could he even be?

The wolf's eyes grew fierce,
And his pain was so strong.
This wolf was the beast!
I wasn't the one wrong!

I must destroy him,
Before he wins this game.
I called for some help,
But no help ever came.

I was alone here,
To fight off this mad beast.
If I didn't win,
Then I would be a feast.

The wolf eyes just glared,
And told me how to fear.
I knew I would lose,
But fear was nowhere near!

The wolf then attacked,
And I moved to a side.
My eyes lost the wolf,
To me my eyes had lied.

The wolf was not there.
There was no wolf to see.
A mirror I saw.
The wolf was inside me!