Shelle: Finally, another interview! This one is for eight year old Feral. I hope that you didn't use too many big words or he won't understand what you asked him! Eh heh…anywho, on with the interview! Oh, and by the way, some questions are repeated thus will only be asked once. Remember, I didn't create him, I just brought him to life!

(Feral enters and jumps up in the chai before sitting down)

Feral: Can I have popcorn now?

Shelle: Eh (Shelle looks around nervously) not now! You can have popcorn when we're finished, okay?

Feral: But I want popcorn noooow!

Shelle: Not now, Feral. Let's ask the questions. If you answer all the questions, then you can have popcorn. The first question is by Cryptic Insanity—

Feral: That's a funny name.

Shelle: That's not nice. What if someone told you that your name was funny?

Feral: It is not!

Shelle: (sighs) Let's just get onto the question, shall we? Everyone seems to want to know this questions. Feral, what do you think of Normrak?

Feral: He's weird.

Shelle: …

Feral: Well, he is! He's always so weird an' quiet, and he never says anything. An' he's always kissin' Rain. YUK!

Shelle: …I see. Alright then. Next question is by Iris—

Feral: Irish? Isn't that a country?

Shelle: (resists hitting Feral over the head with her papers) No, you're thinking of Ireland, and—

Feral: Irish is too a country!

Shelle: (Takes a deep breath) Alright, I'm just going to ask the question…She wasn't to know what you think of Raina.

Feral: She's cool. But she's mean too…she never gives me popcorn or ice cream when I want it. But I like her anyways 'cause she's cool.

Shelle: Slightly repetitive answer, but it'll do. Now, the next person is Ski1118—

Feral: Why does he have numbers in his name?

Shelle: (sighs) She's not a 'he' and that's just a screen name—

Feral: What's a screen name?

Shelle: It's just a made up name.

Feral: Oo, can I have one? I want my name to be superman 'cause he's good.

Shelle: Fine, Feral. Now, Ski wants to know—

Feral: I thought she had numbers in her name!

Shelle: (sighs again) We're just going to call her Ski, okay?

Feral: Okay!

Shelle: her questions asks "Do you have a radar or something that tells you when Raina and Normrak are finally getting along?"

Feral: Huh? Radar…isn't that on those ships things that tell you where all the bad guys are?

Shelle: (looks at audience) This is going to be a looooong interview….

Feral: (looks at audience too) Oo, look at all the people! HIIII!

Shelle: Feral..

Feral: (looks back at Shelle)

Shelle: She asked if you knew exactly when Raina and Normrak are getting along.

Feral: Getting along?

Shelle: (twitchtwitch)

Feral: (laughts) That's funny! Do it again!

Shelle: Do you know when Normrak and Raina are kissing?

Feral: EEEEEW! That's nasty. They always kiss.

Shelle: …We'll get back to it. The next questions is "What do you think of Normrak?" Which you already answered. "Is he really that bad?"

Feral: He's weird.

Shelle. ...How do you feel about the way he and Raina get along?

Feral: They fight a lot….and then they kiss a lot. It's nasty. They should stop doing that 'cause it's just nasty.

Shelle: (sighs) Yes, Feral, we know that. Now, she also asks: "How do you see Raina?"—

Feral: With my eyes!

Shelle: (Once again, resists the urge to swing at Feral with her papers) Feral, do you see Raina as a big sister or a mom?

Feral: She's Raina! She's not my sister or my mommy. I don't have a sister…

Shelle: …

Feral: What?

Shelle: We'll just leave that question there….Next question is: What happened to your parents?

Feral: I told Raina.

Shelle: (shuts eyes for a minute and rubs her head) I've got a headache…

Feral: Why?

Shelle: Nevermind. What happened to your parents?

Feral: Some mean man came in the house and hurt them. They told me to leave so I did, but they never came an' got me or anything so I had to just walk around 'til some other people found me and they took me home but then told me to go away 'cause they didn't like me so I walked around again 'til Raina found me.

Shelle: Very run-on sentence, but that's okay.

Feral: What's a run-on sentence?

Shelle: You'll learn that when you got to school. Next question is: What is your obsession with popcorn?

Feral: I like popcorn!

Shelle: Yes, Feral…we know…we know.

Feral: 'Cause it's good an' yummy, but Rain won't let me have any 'cause she's being mean. She always says I need to eat a sandwich first or something, but all I wanted was popcorn.

Shelle: Alright. NightBlossom had asked a question, and I think I'll go ahead and repeat this one to see if we get a better answer from him this time. "How to you know the exact time to interrupt Normrak and Raina?"

Feral: Can I have my popcorn now?

Shelle: …

Feral: Well? I wanna have popcorn!

Shelle: After you answer this question you can have popcorn.

Feral: What question?

Shelle: How do you know the exact time to interrupt Normrak and Raina?

Feral: huh?

Shelle: How do you know when Raina and Normrak are kissing?

Feral: I don't! They're always kissing! It's disgusting, and sick, and nasty, and they need to stop it 'cause I don't like it.

Shelle: …

Feral: Can I have my popcorn now?

Shelle: It's backstage. Go get it.

(Feral exits stage right, and Shelle sighs again)

Shelle: I need an asprin…Gah, the things I do for my readers. I don't like little kids at all. (shakes head, and looks up at the audience) Alright then! Thanks for tuning in to this interview! If you would like another interview with any character at all, please mention his or her name in your review! ^^; Bye now!

(Lights dim and sounds fade)