Morton the octopus was having a bad day.
It all started when his girlfriend, Geena, dumped him for another octopus (Randall).
"Don't you see?" she yelled at him, waving her tentacles furiously, "Randall's the head of the football team, and you're just a low-life in the chess club."
"I also run bingo night!" Morton insisted angrily.
"Ha!" she snorted. "You're so immature."
"Am not!"
And with a squirt of black ink, Geena swam out of his life forever.
Morton thought this was very wrong of Geena. Morton was not an octopus to be crossed! He decided that he would make sure he grew up to be very successful so Geena would be angry that she dumped him and was stuck with mister-hoity-toity-football-octopus.
Morton decided to run for President.
"Hello, my name is Morton." Morton said to the campaign director who was wading in his lagoon in full scuba-gear. Unfortunately, the campaign director didn't hear him.
"Look honey! An octopus!" he called to his wife, who was swimming nearby.
"I would like to ask you if you were interested in helping me run for presidency." Morton continued politely.
"Oh, look, he's waving his tentacles at us! How cute!" the campaign director's wife commented.
"Let's catch him and put him in our tank at home." Said the campaign director.
"I think I would have a good chance in the running." Morton said.
The campaign director caught Morton and put him in a little plastic bucket full of salt water. Morton wondered if all presidential candidates traveled this way.