A little mouse strayed from home.

She was tiny and all alone.

She saw a feast and started to stare,

just in time for a cat to catch her unaware.

A squeek of fright jumped to her lips,

as she tried to free herself from the jagged tips

of the tabby cat's cruel fangs,

but they held her like a lock and chains.

Her heart was racing like the wind,

and as the cat saw this, he grinned.

She rolled her eyes back in her head,

and in a frightened voice she said,

"Dear cat, please let me go,

I have a family, I hope you know.

I need to care for them, you see.

So please, sir cat, let me free."

The cat sat down to contemplate,

just how to tell the mouse of her fate.

Her held her tight, in his grip,

so that she could not struggle and slip.

"Well, little mouse, I do feel bad.

I know your family will be sad.

However, I have a family too,

and they would very much like to eat you."

With these words the cat pinned her down,

his paw resting on her tiny crown.

A panicked squeek was the mouse's last sound,

as she was crushed between the paw and the ground.


16 July 2003