Chapter One

It was a cold, stormy night. Isn't that the way most stories go? Stormy nights, something terrible happening. But this wasn't a story. It wasn't something I had written. It had happened. It had happened to me. I still remember it. I had been sitting by the fireplace, reading a book. It was a sad story. It was about a girl who's life was changed just because she let a boy inside her home. Well, it was while I as reading this sappy novel, when the fire went out. I felt the instant bitter cold of Munich, Germany during the winter season. I fumbled around, trying to find the matches. I had put them right next to me. But when I reached over and ran my hand where they had been only moments before, they were gone. Confused, I reached near the brim of the fireplace, hoping that I'd moved them there. But to no avail. They weren't there.

The door flew open and slammed against it's frame. The house was suddenly filled with the violent wind of the storm. The wind went through me and sent shivers down my spine. But, that wasn't what stopped my heart. That wasn't the reason why that night was so memorable. No, it was just the beginning.

I heard footsteps approaching. I prayed it was Aunt Heidi, returning from her meeting. "Aunt Heidi?" I called out in my German tongue. No reply. Maybe she hadn't heard me. "Aunt Heidi?!" I called out louder, using more accent to my words.

Aunt Heidi wasn't the one whom I saw. There, in the doorway, stood the shadow of a tall figure. Lightning flashed, filling the room. I saw briefly the shadow's true identity. It was a man wearing a black, leather jacket. He was wearing black pants and black shoes. He had long, thick, black hair tied in a low ponytail, and very pale skin. But, I knew him. But, how did he know where I lived?

"Midnight?" Midnight had been a boy in school I had met. I had always thought he was different. He always seemed to draw attention of the girls, which wasn't a surprise, even I thought he was great. But, then again, he always sent them on their way. But, he always seemed to beckon me with his pale blue eyes. He never sent me away.

Midnight smiled. "Katrina." He almost purred my name, sending shivers down my spine again.

"Midnight, have you seen my Aunt Heidi? I fear that she has been injured on her way home." Something was wrong. Why was he smiling like that? As if he had a secret that no one knew about.

The smile broadened as my words ended. "Katrina, come here." He smiled wider, and his eyes flashed . Suddenly, my heart turned cold. I felt it. Fear.

I backed up, eyes dilated with fear. "No, I don't think so. Go away. Leave this house." I felt my back lean into something, which I realized was the stair rail. I gripped it tight. "Leave!" I repeated.

Midnight's smile took on a dangerous pleasure. "What's the matter, Katrina? Is something the matter?"

"This isn't funny! Get out!" I dug my nails in my palms and backed up to the first step on the staircase.

"No, I don't think I'll leave. In fact, I think we'll stay here." He took a step towards me.

"We? There's no we. There's me, and you. And you need to leave!"

But he wouldn't listen; he walked towards me. I gasped and turned around. I ran up the stairs, my heart pounding with my footsteps. I could hear his gaining, moving at an incredible speed. I reached the top and ran into my room. I slammed the door and locked it. I pressed my ear to the door. Nothing. No sounds.

Good. Maybe he left after all. Oh I hope! I thought over and over again.

After what seemed for ages, I finally backed away from my bedroom door. I turned around and looked at my bedroom window. Outside, the storm was still raging it's wrath and fury to all of Munich. But I wasn't bothered. No, Midnight had left. I was safe. Safe!

I sighed and walked over to my bed. I sat down on the edge and thought of Midnight. Why did he come? How did he know I lived here? Why did he say my name like he did? I was so confused and filled with all sorts of compelling questions. I shook my head. This wasn't the time for ridiculous paranoias over a guy like Midnight. No point at all.

I laid down and drew the covers over my chin. I was on the verge of sleep, when I thought I saw something. I shot up. I had seen something. And it was Midnight, looking down at me. My heart jumped and my breath shortened. I rolled away and ran out of my room, quickly slamming it behind me, only to hear Midnight stop the door as he fled out behind me.

Down the spiral staircase I ran. I sharply turned a corner and ran into my parent's room, where Aunt Heidi never let me in unless something was terribly wrong. I quickly shot across the room and opened the top drawer of the cupboard in the far corner. I grabbed the rifle which lay hidden under my mother's silk lingerie. I turned around and pointed the rifle. Midnight wasn't there. I looked all around the room. I searched in the closet and behind the bed. No sign of him.

I shook my head. I really was getting paranoid. Katrina, you should've known better. Why would Midnight return after he left? Why are you so scared to make it seem like he was actually here again? Just as I finished thinking these thoughts, I felt an icy-cold hand on the back of my neck. I gasped.

"Midnight!" I tried squirming out of his grip, but I wasn't able to. He held my neck as if I was kissing his fingertips.

"Katrina. Don't be so afraid." Midnight purred. I could imagine him smiling that smile which made me scared. The smile which filled me with fear.

I felt his lips lower to my neck. I felt the coldness of them as he kissed my neck. I felt his warm breath caress my cheek. Sad to say, I felt a shiver of pleasure run down my spine.

No! This isn't good! Wake up Katrina! What are you thinking? Midnight isn't someone to like! Get him away from you! My mind screamed at me over and over again as I fell into a drowsy feeling.

Midnight wrapped his free arm around my waist and turned me around. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I saw, just for a second, something terribly wrong with his teeth. His canines! They were . . . huge! They were long and sharp like a wolf's! What was the matter? But I only saw them for a moment before he closed his mouth, pressing his lips together softly. His face lowered. He kissed my forehead.

The fear overwhelmed me. "NO!" I pulled back a little and slammed my open palms against his chest. I could tell he hadn't expected it, because he fell back a step. Taking what little determination I had left, I shoved my way past him. Recovering, his arm shot and caught hold of my left sleeve. It ripped the entire sleeve from the shoulder down. But, I still ran. I ran and ran and ran. I couldn't hear Midnight, because my heart was pulsing in my ears.

I made it through the living room and ran hard into the front door. Instant pain shot through my arm, but I knew it wasn't broken. I don't get hurt easily. I'm a tough girl. I opened the door and ran into the storm, not bothering to stay longer and grab my raincoat. I was soaked before I left my front yard, but I didn't care. I just continued running.

An hour later, I neared a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, as it seemed to me. It was the cabin my father would always take me when something bad was happening at the house. I stopped running when I entered the door. Someone had been there. There was a fire blazing in the corner, and I could tell that it had been recently lit, because there wasn't any ash on the brim. Plus, the fire warmth hadn't spread throughout all of the cabin. That took about 10 minutes minimum.

Who's been here? I didn't think anyone except my family and Aunt Heidi knew about this place. My parents never entertained here. Who . . . ? Thoughts like this kept running through my mind. But, the long run was working throughout my body. Sleep bewildered my drowsy mind as my hair dried and the warmth of the fire spread throughout my body. I suddenly felt terribly exhausted. I walked across the room and slumped down on the black-leathered love seat. As sleep settled in deeper, my legs slid up to my chin, then lay against the love seat. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I fell asleep. I dreamed. I dreamed of when my parents would bring me here during rough times. I dreamed of the old times, sitting on this exact love seat with my fathers arm around me. I dreamed of my father's strong arm around me, and him whispering something in my ear, smiling, them tenderly kissing the side of my head. I dreamed on and on about the wonderful times.

About two hours later, my mind woke up. Even though I was awake, I refused to open my eyes. I wanted to go back to my dream, back to the warmth of my father's arms. As I pictured it again, I could actually feel the warmth. I felt him kiss the side of my head. Wait a minute, I sleepily thought, I do feel the warmth. I opened my eyes and took a look around. The fire was dimmed, and I noticed a black, leather, jacket hanging on my father's coat rack. A black leather jacket? Hmm . . I still felt the warmth. It was then and only then did I realize that I was leaning against a warm chest. A warm arm was around me, holding me closer. A pale hand rested on my bare arm.

My breath caught and a tiny gasp escaped my lips. I bit my tongue, hoping that the person didn't hear. But, I felt the person shift. I looked up to see whom I was being held by. My heart stopped. It was Midnight! My eyes bulged and I squirmed around, trying to get away. I felt his arm tighten to the point where it was almost hard to breath. He held me fast.

"What do you want?!" I cried out in hysteria.

"Ssh. Don't be afraid," he cooed softly.

"Like I have any reason to trust you!" I sneered. I saw his hand move up on my shoulder. I snapped my head down and sunk my teeth into his hand.

Midnight shook his head. "You shouldn't have done that Katrina. Now, I have, by all means, a reason to do what I came here to do." He smiled a wicked smile that sent shivers down my spine.

"And exactly what is it that you came here to do?" I bit deeper and harder. I could taste his blood. An idea flowed through my head.

"I came here to do exactly what you're doing to me," he replied.

"As if." I bit again, until I tasted the terrible blood. Quickly, I clamped my mouth down on the wound, and sucked. I could tell that I had a mouthful.

"Katrina," he cautioned. "You're just doing me a favor if you keep on sucking my blood. And I won't have you taking the easy way out."

Out of what?! I thought to myself.

It seemed as though he read my mind. Just then, he lifted me up and sat me on his lap. One of his arms snaked around my waist and pulled me to him, until I was all but resting my head on his shoulder, even though my head was no where near his shoulder. Once again, it was as if he read my thoughts. His free arm snaked up my back and his hand wrapped around my neck. Gently, but firmly and forcefully, he pulled my neck towards him. Soon, my head was resting on his shoulder. I could feel the excitement in him as his head turned and looked at me.

I placed my open palms against his chest, and pushed with all my might. But, he didn't budge. He held me fast, and even tighter as he felt my resisting.

Let me go! I screamed to myself.

"No, Katrina. I won't let you go. You're mine now." He purred with an evil malevolence.

No I'm not! Let me go!!! I cried out to the black void. I clamped my fists together, and pounded against him. But nothing worked. He had me in his grasp. It was then and only then did I remember the mouthful of blood that I had hidden from him. Grinning mentally, I pushed back enough to look him full in the face.

"What are you thinking of, Katrina?" he smiled and drew my face forward, his one hand still cradling my neck.

Without replying, I gathered the blood together and spat upon him. The blood splattered everywhere. Without losing his grip, he opened his eyes, licked his blood-covered lips, and met my eyes. While my eyes held fear, his eyes took on a dangerous smile.

"It seems that you have an idea of what I'm going to do, " he laughed. "So, I guess it's time." He forcefully pulled my head to his shoulders again. I struggled.

"Please let me go!" I started to cry as my stress grew.

"No, Katrina."

He didn't offer any other words. In numb fear, I felt him turn his head and place his ice-cold lips to my neck. I felt him kiss, then lick, my neck. I felt something sharp, quickly pierce my neck. I felt as though all my energy was leaving. I quit struggling, and I relaxed. His hand left the back of my neck, and moved to my head. Gently, he stroked my hair and ran his fingers through it's thick body. His hand snaked down my neck and back. His other arm left my waist, and joined his other arm, embracing me. He held me closer in a protective way. My energy kept leaving; my breath shortened and my eyes went blurry. I closed my eyes, and felt victim to deep sleep.