As the blade penetrates the skin, you stand silently
United we stood, devided we`ve fallen
Can you hear the raven`s calling
Dark it waves from hill to hill and from lake to lake
On his dark velvet wings you will fly into the storm
What is left for me
Only knowing I took your life isn`T enough I think, as I clean the sword
You have my word, you aren`T the only one that died from it
It wanted the blood, the veins and the flesh, to cut through it
Was a pleasure I long lost, since the day you turned against me, I can no
longer kill,
you were the last one that had to taste my illness
now I stand left alone in the middle of the field others attack me
your friends I suppose they raise their weapons
"Farewell to those I cannot kill"
they will understand it when i`M gone
I had no other choice, than to take your life,
no, seriously I did not want to be the chosen one
the call came upon me I hesitated as I saw you, I tried to warn you
I prooved to be right, there was no fight, from behind I came to destroy,
to kill and to mourn your death
I hope a raven will come to take me, too
Maybe take me to somewhere new
I`ll see you there and if the world turnes on you for one last time,
don`T turn on me, coz I won`T be there I died at your side