Prologue: The Lantern of the Gods

A young man lay on the cold, icy floor. His face covered with soot. His robes spread out across the flooded earth. It was flooded not by water, but blood. Though it was not his. He winced in pain as he groggily opened his eyes. Where am I? ... who... am I? He felt lightheaded, as he tried to search his past. It was no use. Trying to remember gave him great pain. He stood up and realized that there was a tear on the right arm of his robe. He pulled the tear apart and found something strange. A medallion made of a strange crystal was imbedded in his arm. On the medallion was a strange symbol, something the world had never seen before. The young man called it Winged Fire. He then placed his hand in his pocket, and found a letter. When he opened it, the young man realized that it was completely stained with blood. The only words he could read were, " Follow the lantern."

He turned his attention to his surroundings. It was dark. He could see nothing, but a light glittering in the distance. I must go to it, he thought. As he moved closer, the light became brighter. The light was almost in his grasp, when suddenly a dark being rose from the black aura of the room. It was "Winged Fire". The young man called out to the fire, " Who are you?"

The Winged Fire replied, " I am Aleoth. . . a dragon. . . you will perish for disturbing my slumber." The dragon (winged fire) inhaled, readying to breathe a mighty flame, when suddenly the young man was filled with light. He could feel the light coursing through his veins coming from within the medallion. Then, the young man unleashed the light upon the dragon and it shriveled into nothing. A dragon, the young man pondered for a moment and then remembered the light. It was a lantern with glowing mystic flame. Suddenly, a glistening voice cried out to him, " This is The Lantern of the Gods, take care of it."

The young man lifted the lantern. The fire within it was like an arrow, and it would point him in the direction he must go. I must follow this light, the young man thought, as he turned around. A dragon talon lay at his feet. He picked it up and held it in his hands. " My past is lost, now this lantern will guide me to my future. I have the power that is like a bane to the Winged Fire. For I am. . . Talon. . . Talon Dragonbane."