Can you see me?
(I doubt it)
For I wear shadows as my cloak
A dark and shrouding mist
To hide myself from you
A foolish human
You can't hear me laugh
(No you can't)
The silver peals
That slip with the thunder
Do you hear something?
You haven't heard of anything
(Nothing that matters)
not a diamond knife,
Diamonds are beautiful
But unyielding; they will never break.
Not for fire or stone
For they are stones.
And they are mirth.
Can you fell me?
No, you can't defeat me.
I'll still be stone after you've come looking.
I'm in the trees, I'm in the grass
All the living life,
Why won't you see me?
Because you're human!
So keep searching
For what you'll never discover!
People don't look where nothing's been found
I laugh, I am nothing
Nothing you could understand At least.
That's how I know
You won't look where I reside
But if you gaze closer,
You'll see you already know me
For I exist in what you know
The laughter in the shadows
The diamond in the rough
Try to catch me,
You can't, can you
Don't worry, there's no need to answer that
I already know
I understand more than what I am
Which is nothing.
You can't find me,
Because you cant find anything with nothing,
And yet you can't find nothing with something
There's always somewhere to go
You can't go nowhere,
And that's where I am.
What a dilemma!
(though I don't regret.)
So Ha!
I win, its over
Go home,
Look for your so called diamonds elsewhere
Or you could do nothing..