I wrote this for English class a couple years ago…

       Kylan Elia's delicate features and her pointed ears would usually give her elven heritage away instantly leaving her to the mercy of humans. Her ebony hair hung low over her ears, covering them as best she could. But even then her luminous almond shaped purple eyes would give her away. But not in Minwir. Everyone is the same in Minwir, no matter what race you are. Except, that is, for the students attending the school for Dragon Riders. Kylan was one of them. Upper class men, as most others would put it. Loathed yet revered by all. The streets of Minwir were unusually crowded as the snow fell to the ground in soft showers. It was already the 13th of FrostFall, and would grow even worse then it was in a couple days. The sun was at it's peak, but the gray clouds utterly obscured it. Kylan shivered and crossed her thin, pale arms across her chest, trying her hardest to save some warmth from her body.

       iDo not try so hard, dearest,/i came a voice that rang with it's deep bass tone in Kylan's head. She smiled. iYou'll do just fine. It's a test. Remember that. A test nothing more. They will pull you out if you were endangered./i

       Kylan looked at the large building she called home. And will call home for another couple months if not more. The place at first most thought was a mansion for some rich person, but after talking to the numerous people that mingled around the campus at lunch, the quickly learned that it was the school for the Dragon Riders. Sapphire, the blue dragon she shared a sacred link with, was lounging in the hot springs behind the school. Sapphire was a great blue. So he didn't like the cold temperatures as much as the whites, but he lived. Sapphire loved the deserts to the south. That's where Kylan and Sapphire would patrol if they passed the Great Test. A large blue oval shaped head appeared from around the west side of the school. Sapphire's scales were large, and getting bigger by the month. Now his scales were about as big as the large door on the school. Sapphire smiled at Kylan, of whom was grateful for the company.

       "Where have you been?" Kylan asked as Sapphire made himself comfortable in the small garden next to where Kylan stood.

       iYou know where I've been/i. Sapphire said simply, and closed his eyes bright yellow eyes wearily.

       Kylan smiled. She did know. She always knew where Sapphire was. "Ok, stupid question on my part." She reached out and touched his nose gently. It was hard, not unusual for the blue's when they were in cold weather for too long. "Where's Ruby?"

       Ruby was a childhood playmate of Sapphire's. As her names describes her scales are a bright red, and her eyes a flaming orange. Unlike Sapphire she liked the cold, but then again Ruby liked any weather. Kestral was Ruby's bondmate, he would be one of the few that could walk down the streets of a big fancy town and no one would notice at all. He was a nobody, at least before he came to the DragonRiders school. All he wished for in life was to become a somebody, and he did. At least in his father's eyes, and his own.

       iRuby is...../i Sapphire's head lifted off the ground, leaving an oval shape in the ground. iWell she's....../i

       "She's where?" Kylan asked again, looking up at her bondmate.

       iRuby is...../i

       iRuby is out on a student patrol mission/i, a voice answered. Kylan spun on her heel to find Diamond, a metallic dragon. Bright silver to be exact. Standing on one of the parapets, trying to look regal.

       "Really now?" Kylan glanced at Sapphire. He didn't acknowledge her, Sapphire was engrossed in a conversation she couldn't hear between Diamond and himself.  Suddenly Diamond's shrill mocking laughter echoed through Kylan's head causing her to wince.

       iThe proud Sapphire finally falls!/i Diamonds mocked happily. His stormy grey eyes glittered.

       "Diamond!" someone from the other side of the gate snapped. "That's enough!

Kylan, dear. Let me in."

       Kylan, after a small nudge from Sapphire, moved stiffly to the gate, unlocked it and pulled it open. The dwarf, Mr. Thanesdoom, stood there in the snow. His long brown hair whipped wildly in the wind, and his sky blue eyes, narrowed angrily at Diamond. Diamond just stepped down off the parapet, and bowed in acknowledgment and respect for the old dwarf. Mr. Thanesdoom moved as fast as his old bones could take him through the gate, and off towards the school building. Kylan could hardly believe that he was 245 years old and still teaching the DragonRiders, and their dragons how to use the dragon breath to their advantage. Each color dragon had a certain power. Red's could breath fire, blue's lightening, green's poisonous gas, silver's quicksilver,  black's burning acid, and the white's ice.

       Just as Kylan was sinking into her thoughts a red dragon snaked over the wall.

       iDarling, have you seen Thanesdoom? He seemed to have slipped away from me./i The female dragon's soft soprano voice rang in Kylan's head. Kylan smiled and nodded.

       "Mr. Thanesdoom just went into the school Autumn," she answered.

       iThank you darling./i The red walked over to the school and into a specially made door for the dragons.

       iThat was very nice of you,/i Sapphire's bass tone was familiar and Kylan welcomed it happily. She looked around but couldn't seem to find him. iSprings dearest. Your not done with the test yet. Wait, I'm not going anywhere./i

       Kylan smiled.

       "Ky?" a guy asked as he stepped up behind her. Kylan spun around and smiled again.

       "Hi Kestral."

       "Test's over. You passed. You didn't leave your post. Come on inside we go." Kestral held out a warm blanket. Kylan took the blanket gratefully and wrapped it around her slim shoulders. It draped down and, brushed the snow covered ground. Kestral walked next to her smiling happily, but the smile soon faded. When Kylan would either nod or grunt in response to his questions.

       "Ky, are you sure nothing's wrong?"

       "Huh?" Kylan looked up and their eyes locked. Purple to brown.. Kestral instantly knew something was wrong, though not what. Kylan turned away.

       "Ky?" Kestral's worry sounded like a bell.

       "What Kestral?"

       "Ky, I know there's something wrong. Come on. You can tell me," Kestral reached out quickly and caught Kylan's wrist as she turned to walk away. His hand encircled her wrist, and fit perfectly. "Ky please."

       Kylan turned on him. When she was mad she could be as cold as ice or colder. Her anger showed in her eyes. "Your hurting me." She whispered softly, but it echoed in Kestral's head. There was his answer. He let her go, and as she turned to go he dark bruises where his hand used to be. Kylan left him there. Standing alone as the snow contained to fall in soft sheets all around.

       iWhy'd you do that to him?/i Sapphire had been questioning her for the past three hours. She had been ignoring him for the most part. Kylan sank down onto the soft black satin sheets, that covered her large bed. She rubbed her wrists lightly where bruises had appeared after her little fight with Kestral. Her head felt suddenly to heavy to hold up, and it too sank down only into her hands. Her ebony hair fell around her head like a curtain hiding her face from the world outside. Then there came a soft knock at the door.

       "Ms. Kylan?" it was a woman.

       iIt's Mrs. GreyWolfe. Let her in or I will./i Sapphire's threat worked as always. Kylan pulled herself up off the bed, and over to the oak door.

       "What is it that you need Mrs. GreyWolfe?" Kylan called through the door as she turned the lock slowly so it made no sound.

       "Well Mr. Kestral said something was wrong," she sounded sincerely worried. Kylan then pulled the door open to reveal the six foot three teacher. Mrs. GreyWolfe was of a sea faring race. Most over six feet. Dark brown skin, and bright blonde hair. Eyes like the ocean, most said when they saw her turquoise blue eyes. Mrs. GreyWolfe had been brought here just about 2 years earlier. She was caught upon the Sea Dawg, most of the people aboard that ship were wanted everywhere. Mostly for being pirates, and stealing anything. Mrs. GreyWolfe never told anyone how she got aboard or how she got caught. She never talked about such things. "That's in the past" was all she would say. When she got here the HeadMaster instantly paired her up with Winter. One of the few white dragons at the school. They were made for each other. One wild spirit spilt between two different beings.

       "So nothings wrong?" Mrs. GreyWolfe asked as she sipped some coffee from far off islands were the Pixies play. She sat on Kylan's desk, that was made of ElmWood. A very rare and very expensive wood. Found only in the coldest parts of the world.

       "No. Nothing's wrong. Kestral's always been paranoid." Kylan was sitting on her bed, the sheets pulled up around her.

       "Are you sure?" Mrs. GreyWolfe leaned forward to make sure Kylan got her meaning.

       "Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for stopping by Mrs. GreyWolfe." Kylan was starting to get up when Mrs. GreyWolfe set her hands on Kylan's shoulders and pushed her back down gently.

       "No, Ms. Kylan. No need. The door is in plain sight. You have a nice night," Mrs. GreyWolfe was reluctant to leave but did so anyway. Leaving Kylan in wallow in her thoughts.

       iAre you sure nothing's wrong with her Sapphire?/i Ruby was very worried. After she and Kestral had come back from the patrol the mission he was sent to go get her from the test. After that he blocked her. She had no way of talking to him, and she was in distress. She never knew what it was like to have your bondmate block you or get killed, she had only heard stories. But know.... know she knew what it was like to have half of your mind savagely ripped away from you. Luckily Spring was flying next to Ruby, when Kestral blocked her. She suddenly dived and couldn't seem to get a hold of herself, so Spring helped her.

       iShe won't tell me. She's never done this before./i Sapphire was slowly sinking into depression. First Kylan wouldn't tell him something, then Kestral blocked Ruby. iIt looks as though they're letting go. Winter? Winter!/i

       Winter at the time was engrossed in a conversation he was having Mrs. GreyWolfe. When Sapphire realized this he left Winter alone, and went back to talking to Ruby. Both were becoming more and more depressed The cavern the dragon shared was warmed by not only the hot springs above them and the molten core of the earth below them. The cavern was enormous. It had to be. It had to fit every dragon from the school.

       Kestral had been walking around the school's outer walls for hours. Ever since Kylan left him standing there. He was trying to think, not about what he did to Ruby. He didn't have the foggiest idea what he did to her, but what Kylan did to him. She left him. His Kylan abandoned him.... She had never done that before. Not even when he put that ice cube down her shirt. Never. He stopped and looked around at the place his thoughts had taken him. A part of the school he had never been to before. A little grove of Evergreens, covered with snow yet always green. They shielded something, though from where he was standing he couldn't tell what it was. Kestral picked his way through some wreckage from some old part of the building that seemed to be decomposing slowly. When he was standing in front of the Evergreen grove Kestral couldn't believe what he saw, sitting there on part of a wall that wasn't crumbling or decomposing.

            Kylan had figured out that something was amiss around school but she hadn't figured out who was behind it or what exactly was going on. But something was. Her head hurt, as if Sapphire had just stomped on her head over and over and over. Kylan then decided it was way past time to go to bed, so she some how got herself from her desk to her bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out.

            As the teacher sneaked down the hall that lead to the HeadMaster's room she glanced behind her, to make sure no one was following her. Her long auburn hair was pulled back as to not get in her face, her dark green eyes glittered dangerously.

            "Aislinn?" The teacher spun on her heel, the small dagger she was carrying was pulled back behind her head to stab whomever was behind her. When a large hand grasped her wrist, so tightly she dropped the dagger. "Aislinn what the hell are you doing?!"

            It was the HeadMaster. Ms. Aislinn sighed in relief, but the HeadMaster's grip never loosened and Ms. Aislinn's head was starting to go numb. "Baby..... My hand."

            "What do you think you were doing?!" his tone only hardened. Ms. Aislinn suddenly lost all hope.

            "Nothing baby. Nothing at all," Ms. Aislinn's head was starting to turn a light blue color. "Please! My hand!"

            The HeadMaster, slowly loosened his grip letting the blood slowly reenter her hand, and he watched it slowly turn peach again. Ms. Aislinn calmed down as the HeadMaster let go of her hand. He looked her up and down, his bright orange eyes lingered lovingly. Ms. Aislinn smiled, and looked up at him with large liquid eyes. Then tried to pull her hand away.

            "Can I have it back?"

            The HeadMaster cocked and eye brow, and let her wrist go. "You have the money?"

            "Of course. You've always been able to rely on me," Ms Aislinn pull a huge wad of bills from one of her many secret pockets. The HeadMaster quickly snatched it from her and counted the money. "Two million dollars. As requested. All from the flying division. It's got," Ms. Aislinn out one of her slender hands on her forehead and conjured up the number. "One thousand left."

            "Good," was all the HeadMaster said and quickly left Ms. Aislinn there.

            It was the most beautiful tapestry Kestral had ever seen. It depicted something like Snow White. A girl. Elven, though he couldn't tell for sure. But she was in great danger, from what looked to be Griffins, but they died years and years ago. During the elven wars.