"You Know Now"

I adore you so much,
I wish you knew.
How much I truly,
Have become lost in you.

You fill my days,
With pleasure and sun.
You're full of wonder,
Instinct and fun.

I love you so much,
I wish you had asked.
For verification,
A tedious task.

I know but soon,
It will melt away.
Just as the sun,
Will explode with rays.

Of joy and wondrous,
Feelings of life.
Every time I glance,
At my beautiful wife.

I feel new feelings,
Wonderful, grand.
Never would I hurt you,
Or lay a hand.

Upon your face,
Or upon your brow.
I love you so much,
And it appears you know now.

Never hesitate,
To ask for a kiss.
To provide you with such,
An immaculate bliss.

I want to walk with you,
Hand in hand.
Show you the wonders,
Of loving this man.

I hope that someday,
My wishes will come true.
And you truly know now,
How much I love you.