I stand somberly beneath the canopy of impenetrable darkness hanging above me in a salient blanket of ebony surf, my inhuman eyes fixated upon the orbs of golden mist hovering resiliently before me, twinkling in a soft sheen of incandescent saccharine starlight. Glimmering darts reflect off their glossed surfaces, scampering away, dissolving into the eternal ocean of tumbling velvet waves, and I sigh, reminiscences of lost ardor throbbing through my illumined heart, rays of counterfeit moonbeam-powdered anguish slashing through the crumpled tissue firmament.

Gently cradling a five-pointed facsimile of that unsurpassed light in my tender fingertips, I fondle the idea of such an imitation of diamond dusk, spellbound by this replica's simple beauty as I marvel at its delicate shafts of an impersonation cosmos' blaze.

Whoever fashioned this artificial dream world cloaked in a raven paper sky, windowpane stars strung on beaded gumdrop threads dribbling towards the eclipsed ground and floating in the dimmed mystic wind, must have been out of their minds, though this shimmer fantasy is rather pretty.

Stars are not meant to be lit with transparent globes of synthetic radiance; they possess their own unique brilliance that none could ever hope to comprehend, not with an exhibition such as this.

An icy smirk makes its way across my lips; I quietly chuckle to myself, then make my way outside into the flame of midday's glare, the utter converse of the deceptive twilight sanctuary that I depart from. Nighttime isn't so sweet as that grove of sunless splendor portrays, nor is it itself.

Slipping my spurious guise of a soul over my previously invisible aura, I saunter into the perplexity beyond, a single stream of certainty amongst it all. I rue the exodus from such a wondrous land flooded in a manmade silver sea, a crystal palace in my night. Of course I will return.

A/N: Sorry if this makes no sense. My stories tend to suck. Or not go anywhere. Or both. XP Sorry about that. I should just stick to poetry. Anyway, this just came into my head. I was rereading my Cardcaptor Sakura mangas and there's this one part at Sakura's school festival and the school's got this tent set up to look like the night sky...and they've got these stars on strings, and...Yukito says something about light bulbs in the stars and how pretty it is...and I just wanted to write something about it. Not that you care. I don't know if I'll make this a story, or add it on to another story...or what...what do you think? ::sweat drop::