Claimer: The angst is mine, the words…aren't mine…they belong to whomever first recorded the English Language, but this particular connecting and blend of words IS mine ^_^

July 17, 2003

5:05 p.m.

Special thanks to Incubabe who inspired this (though not in the way you might think ^_-)…thank you muchos!

Don't Forget Those Left Behind

I sit and watch you talk

About the stars and all that's out there

While I run some notes together

Unrefined and clumsy

On the strings of your guitar

I see you get this look sometimes

Like you'd fly away at a second's notice

Ride off like some movie star

Off the set and into the twilight

Forgetting there's a home and here

Forgetting those that will remember

Thoughtless words on a sun-soaked day

Breaks my heart to be down on my knees

Escape is always pretty, darling

When it's heard in songs and books

Written by the careless and the hasty

Never by the ones that linger

Never by those left behind.

Don't forget those left behind.

A/N: Well. Not much to say about this one…but I wanted to write escaping from the other perspective. Put myself into the shoes of those that have to watch the other escape and tell them that they'd rather be anywhere else and such. What started out as a little writing excersise actually turned into a scene of sorts that I've got churning around in my head and I might put into story-format …er…if I survive the chemistry test tonight that is _. Thanks for reading and give me what you think! (And remember it's completely unedited)