Mon Vaillant Chevalier
by Lexxie

On this unforgiving night,
Beneath the eaves, away from sight,
We bade him rest, draped in white,
My beautiful, gallant knight.

Across the town, the people cried,
The wail of babes heard far and wide,
And stately kings bowed and sighed,
That their gallant knight had died.

The angels cried with gentle tear
For their hero, held most dear,
And as he passed, all stood to cheer
Their knight who had no fear.

But I cry no tears like silver wine,
Nor wail like maidens of the Rhine,
For I must mourn him for all time,
This tragic knight of mine.

So on this unforgiving night,
Beneath the eaves, far from their sight,
I'll join my soul to his in flight,
My beautiful, gallant knight.