I'm Not The One

(A/N- I also wrote this a long time ago. Now I want to show this to you

How do I mend a broken heart?
When it was I who broke it

How do I feel?
Being the antagonist
The enemy
The bitch?
I feel like shit.

I wish I knew how to love you
If I could,
I swear I would.

But I can't,
God, I can't
Why can't I?

You tell me that I'm the one for you
And I start to cry
Because I know if I said something back
It would be a lie
I don't feel the same way you do
I'm not the one

I wish I could hold you
As I always did when you were down
But I hurt you every time
I try to touch you

Because it only reminds you
That I'm holding you as a friend
And the most we could be is friends

I'm sorry for making you cry
I'm sorry for breaking your heart
I'm sorry for not loving you

I'm sorry for not being what you want me to be.

Because I'm not the one.

(A/N- This is only a memory now.)