Somewhere in the Middle


In the begining, God was just there. And he was all alone. He created a friend, named Adam, and a wife named Eve.

They all got along perfect, until God made a few potions. The potions were unstable and God had no idea what they did.

Then one night, Adam drank one of the potions after a race with God thinking it was wine. It turned him evil, powerful, and smart. Smart enough to create a race of evil like him, which he called Demons. Then he created a realm to his liking, which he called Hell.

God destroyed the potions immediately, but not soon enough, as Eve drank one also. It made her want independence and gave her knowledge and powers. Powers she decided to use for good. She also created her own race, a winged one called Faeries. She didn't make a realm, she and the Faeries just existed somewhere in between Heaven, God's realm, and Hell. This whole place consisting of all three realms was called the Verse.

God decided to make two races, a race called humans, and a race called Angels. The humans lived in a different realm called the Universe on a place called Earth. God used the humans for his entertainment, and created plants for food and different needs, and animals for interactions and food.

Eve decided to help this race in giving them gardians. Adam harmed them by aiding them in bad decistion-making. God pleasured them and gave them knowledge and a thirst for more to make things interesting.

Everything was all fine until Gigli came along.


Gigli is pronounced Gig lee, not Jeely.

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