Somewhere in the Middle

Chapter One


Zello and I met a long time ago, we were both, like, two, and, like all Faeries we stay looking exactly how old or young we wanted to. I stayed seventeen, Zello stayed nineteen, but we've actually lived for, like, a few centuries.

We are Gardian Faeries, or Faeries that protect a human life form that we call a Protected. Almost every Faerie has a Protected, and almost every human has a Gardian Faerie.

I always laugh when humans think that they have Gardian Angels, it is really funny, to think that those ditsy things protect the humans. That's like thinking Demons are cute.

But I was laughing at the moment at the sheer idiousy of Zello's joke about Gigli, even though I really didn't think it was a joke.

"Seriously, Gigli like you. That's like Dinima with a hairstyle that she likes."

Dinima's my bestest bud, but the girl has a new haircut, style, or color(s) everyday.

"No, I mean it. I was just watching my Protected and Gigli came and sat next to me. I swear she was flirting, what else do you call toying with my hair?" Zello said, giving me his serious look.

Don't tell him, but I think that look is sexy.

"Did you see my Protected, or was Kipo's Protected around?"

See, Zello's and my Protecteds are a couple, and Kipo's Protected likes to beat Zello's Protected up.

"No," Zello shook his head, another sexy thing he does. "Neither were around, at least not for the five minutes I could watch."

I laughed, Gigli can be very trancing, you'd think she was a Gorgon or Nymph. Except, I believe she's an Evil Faerie, the first and only, I hope.

Zello stood up and turned to me, "Idyiod wants to talk to you, I think its about Gigli."

"Normally it's always you I have to talk to Idyiod about. I hope it's something good because I am tired of getting yelled at."

Zello walked away to the nearest tree and entered. I forgot to say that here, anything can be.

I walked into the rock I was sitting on, and thought all the while about what Idyiod could want.

Idyoid is the Faerie Queen, Eve on her last breath told her to take the throne. She was only about two centries old then, now she must be ten times that old.

Faeries, Angels, and Demons die, but they get reincarnated. Humans do, too. But I want to know who Eve is now.

Dinima was waiting for me in the Hall, the place where the Throne is. Its a long room so thats why it's called the Hall.

I forgot to mention that Dinima knows when a Mistake with a Protected is made by a Gardian Faerie. She's the Erasta. The Erasta is in charge of fixing all the mistakes made by any and every Gardian Faerie. Zello and I have made quite a few.

Okay, a lot.

"Where were you yesterday when your Protected almost died again?" Dinima asked.

"I don't remember, is that why I'm here?"

She shook her head, "No, it's a private deal with you, but I wanted to know. Zello's Protected went crazy."

"I'd think so. I'll see ya later."


Dinima walked through were I just came from after winking some luck to me.

"Please come real close, Nina. What I have to say is important. Something is going to happen, something real big, and I won't make it," Idyiod said.

I stepped in real close like she told me to, and asked, "What is going to happen?"

"I do not know, all I know is that I must tell you something that you may not believe."

"What?" I asked.

"You were born exactly nine months after Eve died. No one else was born then, so you are believed to be the reincarnation of Eve. She instructed me to allow the person she becomes to take the Throne when I die. You have no say whether or not you can take the respondsablity. You must become the Faerie Queen."

My eyes were wide, I think. Then again, all I could think about was me being Eve, in a past life being God's wife, and how Zello would take this news.

"Does this involve Gigli?" I whispered.

"It may," Idyiod said, "or it may not. I only know that something is coming and I will not come out of it alive. You may go, and you'll have to stop being a Gardian Faerie."

"But, my Protected needs me, she almost dies every other second."

"So Protect her when you can, but being a Queen and a Gardian is tough. Eve told me so."

I bowed and went to tell Zello about this. I owe it to him somehow. I owed him alot for helping me with my Protecteds over the years, but this was something different, a feeling inside of me said to do it or I would be in serious depression or trouble.

When I found Zello I gave him a hug. I guess I had a sad look on my face because he asked, "Are you getting Banished?"

"No," I said when I found my voice, "I'm the next Faerie Queen."

"You're joking right?" He smiled.

I shook my head.

Zello's smile faded quickly. He knew something I didn't and I really wanted to know it.

I gave him a questioning look, to which he responded, "The Queen never has a boyfriend or husband."

I understood immediately. After years and years and years of friendship, and I just noticed that Zello fell in love with me.

This added greatly to the pot of problems.


Cute, huh?