Under the Silver Moon


I understand now what grandma ment when she said life isn't fair.
It can't be if I'm the one here in this dungeon when it wasn't me who
stole the Killager Gem. It was my longtime best bud, but now I see
rogues shouldn't have friends. I told her not to take it.

The guards were around my door and windows non-stop, not to allow
any means of escape for me. The only way to be let free was to tell
them where the gem was, but thats the problem, I don't know.
Gellomi must have fleed town with the gem when the warriors took
over. I wish I were with her, because at least out there I would
be with someone I knew. She probably forgot all about me and is off
stealing food from a camping settlement of adventurers.

That sounded fun, scaring some people out of their wits just to
get some food. It pays off having a magician-rogue as a
companion. That was the fun times. I should have choose to
become one, too, then I could get myself out of this mess.

I guess its okay to have buddies, but now should be the time my
buddy should get me out of here. Maybe she will, but any later
from about now is a little too late.

The general of the army is now coming to my door, and he
doesn't look too happy.


*Huggles the real Fuz, a stuffed monkey*Yay! Two stories in one night.