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Tears welling from the depths of my eyes,
I slash and tear at the silver chain,
The very chain that binds us.
I feel it fading at last.
It is almost dead.
Exhausted I fall; the link is broken.
As my eyes open, I see a flash of silver.
It is the chain, but I see no marks of what I did yesterday.
I gasp in wonder as it says to me
"A love like this can never die."

Deep in the mountains of Japan lived many dragons. Nightfire was a dragon whose origin was from Japan. His aibou Starflare was a dragon from Egypt. They met when the Gods of Egypt got out of hand and forced all mythical creatures to live somewhere else. The day they met was a blistering hot day. Starflare fainted from the heat. She dropped into the forest and was found by Nightfire who happened to be hunting there. He took her in and nursed her back to health. From there they became good friends and eventually lovers. Nightfire taught Starflare many things about Japan as she had taught him about Egypt.

"Nightfire!! Nooo! Don't leave me! Please! You can't....." Starflare woke up with a start. With one gleaming talon, she wiped away the cold sweat on her forehead. Glancing at her side, she saw Nightfire resting peacefully. She sighed in relief. Looking up at the moon, she laid herself back down. What has gotten into me? Why have I been having these nightmares lately? All of them have been of Nightfire leaving or dieing. Could this possibly.. be the future? No, it couldn't, could it? What if this is real? I couldn't possibly bear, let alone live without Nightfire. Well, now with these possible predictions of the future, I must be more alert.
Dawn shined its face on Nightfire's lair. Blinking his eyes, Nightfire gave a big yawn and stretched. He gazed lovingly at his partner. She was beautiful. Looking into her amethyst eyes that marked her purple tinged silvery hide was like looking at a star up close. Silvery scales marked with bits of aquamarine and sapphire started at her belly and gradually became deep violet as they reached her back and lower wing membrane. Below her main wings, four incredibly soft and long feathers drifted down. They were the color of the ocean. The purple base melted into opalescent lavender. Words couldn't describe her beauty. Her mane was like the rippling waves of the deep blue ocean, constantly changing. Her mane led down near her forehead where the eye of Horus would appear in direct sunlight. Gently, he stroked her cheek with a single talon.
"Huh? Who's there? Oh, Naitokaika!"
"You're awake, Seifurea." (Seifurea means Stareflare in Japanese)
"I'm hungry."
"I'll be back my aibou."

After a few hours of thinking, Starflare was interrupted by sudden flapping sound of wings.
"I'm back, love." In his claws, Nightfire held a banquet- Fruits of all kind, fresh veggies and much, much more.
"Nightfire? Oh, my you really didn't need to bring so much! We can't possibly finish this!"
"It's ok, I have arranged for the orphaned draclings to take the leftovers."

After eating, Starflare and Nightfire laid back on the stone floor of the lair.
"Nightfire, I was thinking. Would you ever leave me?"
"No!!! Never!! Seifurea-kun.Aishiteru. Starflare, I love you. Nothing in this world could possible separate us. We'll always be together." Upon saying this, he took Starflare into his arms and pressed her body against his. "Won't we?" Starflare gazed up at Nightflare. "Yes. We'll be together.forever." "You ought to keep you wings folded behind your back when you're sleeping. It hurt to break a wing. "Yes, I should, shouldn't I? Starflare replied while closing her wings
* * * "Seifurea! Save me! Please love; don't let me go! SEIFUREA!!!"
Starflare leapt up. "Nightfire!!" It was the dream again.
"Grrrmphhhhhh.Eh? Starflare? Are you alright?"
"Oh, yes.yes, I 'm fine. Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up!"
"Are you sure? You weren't sleeping very peacefully."
"No, no I'm fine! Really!" (Waving arms in distress with a ton of sweatdrops) Nightfire sweatdropped. "Okay, if you say so. Want breakfast?"
"No thanks. I'm not very hungry."
"Ok. I'm going hunting then. I'll be back by dusk."

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