*****LEMON BEGINS HERE. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON"T LIKE LEMON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***** Starflare and Nightfire flew down the tunnel. Starflare told Nightfire to use the eye on his forehead for light. Nightfire gasped at what he saw. Big palm leaves lined the floor and Silken sheets covered the leaves. Big soft cushions lined on side of the room.
Starflare laid down on her back. Tucking her wings into her back, she motion for him to come. She touched the eye on his forehead, making the light go out. A beam of moonlight entered through the top. She pounced on him. "Well? What are you waiting for?" Nightfire's eyes widened in surprise. She wants me to make love to her? "The perfect moment." He answered flipping her back over. Starflare closed her eyes. Nightfire teased her neck with his tongue. He sheathed his talons. He slowly worked down Starflare's chest, making her moan in delight. Nightfire came to the spell concealing her womanhood. He teased it away and gained access to the treasure he always wanted. Starflare had not noticed. Nightfire took this time to surprise her. He plunged two fingers deep into her, making her gasp. He slowly drew them out and put them in again. He thrusted in and out with his two fingers, feeling her sweet honey on them while drawing intricate patterns on her stomach with his tongue. Starflare was moaning with pleasure. He reluctantly pulled them out again and licked his fingers clean, tasting his treasure. Putting his muzzle near her pussy, he breathed in the sweet scent, making Starflare even more excited. He laughed. He took a sharp lick that made Starflare sit up. He motioned for her to lay back down, she obeyed. He put his tongue completely into her making her moan again. He licked everywhere, not wanting any part of her to go untasted. Starflare tensed only when he ran over her sensitive parts. After what seemed like hours of pleasure to Starflare, Nightfire looked up. "Wow." She exclaimed. "Never thought I could make you feel this good did you?" smirked Nightfire. Starflare nodded. "But, do you think I could give you that much delight either?" Nightfire understood. He leaned against the cushions near the wall. Starflare teasingly took off the spell that hid Nightfire's erection. Her eyes widened. Nightfire was big. "Impressed?" Starflare could only nod. She licked the head. Nightfire tensed. Pleased at this reaction, she spiraled her tongue around his shaft. Nightfire grabbed onto Starflare's blue mane. "P..please..continue." He managed to gasp. She licked up and down his shaft causing Nightfire to break out in a sweat. "M..m..more." Starflare smiled. She took his shaft completely in her mouth making Nightfire grab onto her mane harder. The signs of pre-cum were beginning to appear. She licked the head sharply before stopping for a moment. This was torture to Nightfire who was now drenched with sweat. Starflare laughed and closed her eyes. She swallowed to deep throat his shaft. Nightfire threw his head back and yelped. Starflare's eyes snapped open as Nightfire cummed down her throat. She swallowed it and grabbed his shaft to squeeze out the remaining cum. She licked her lips and laid back. Nightfire was worried. "This is going to hurt. Are you sure you want to continue?" "Yes koi. I want to go further. I want you to make love to me." Nightfire was in awe. This was like a dream come true. He nodded and took his throbbing shaft in his hands. He guided it into Starflare's pussy. As he came up to her entrance, he took Starflare into a tight embrace. He pulled back a little and with a final thrust, he entered her, taking Starflare's virginity. Starflare yelped softly. Nightfire held her in his arms. "Go on." whispered Starflare. He pulled out and went back in at a slow pace. Starflare felt pain for a little longer before it transformed into pleasure. "Nightfire, I. want. you. in. me. now. Faster!" Nightfire couldn't believe it. This was like a fantasy all in one dream. He nodded. As Nightfire's pace quickened, he created a rhythm. Starflare followed that rhythm and met every one of Nightfire's thrusts. This isn't enough. thought Starflare. She whispered, "Faster, Nightfire, faster!!" He listened and he went as fast as a dragon could go. Both of them were moaning from pleasure. He started slowing down. He was going to cum soon. Starflare apparently noticed to because she wrapped her tail around his and whispered, "Keep going love, don't release yet. I want to remember this forever." Nightfire nodded. Easier said than done. He continued. Sweat beaded all over Nightfire. He couldn't hold back much longer. "Oh my Ra! Starflare, I love you!" Nightfire cried out as he spilled his seed into Starflare. At that moment, the eyes on both dragons' foreheads began to glow. They floated out into the open and became one. A face with one side as Horus and the other as Ra appeared. "Well done, Starflare, well done. You two are now bonded. You will not need to talk often for you have telepathy now. Both of you will always know where the other is. Nightfire, your soul is complete again. You two were destined to be together because of the scales in your hearts." the face faded away. Nightfire collapsed, pulling out of Starflare doing so. He lay down and took Starflare in his arms. "Naitokaika-kun, aishiteru." "Shhh." Nightfire put a finger to her muzzle. "We don't need to talk." Both fell asleep quickly, due to their exertions. Nightfire was the first to wake up in the morning. Starflare was still snuggled close to him. He smiled. Last night had been amazing. It was almost as if he was virgin, too. A thought came to him from Starflare. "You're awake?" "So are you, my love." "Last night was.wonderful. Thank you Nightfire." "Now we really will be together forever." "Really?" "If you want to." "Silly you.Of course I want to!!" Starflare touched Nightfire's cheek. "We'll be together forever and nothing can ever separate us." "Yes."

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