________Without You_______

I skied down the Rockies,
played in the Maui sand.
Watched a Broadway Musical,
but never held your hand.

I performed in front of millions,
rode on the Oregon Trail.
Went to London on a cruise,
hoping our boat, too, would sail.

Without you
the rainforest is a little dry.
Without you
the Mississippi is just a creek.
Without you
Skittles don't make a rainbow.
And Alexander was just a Greek.

I fought a bull like a matador,
went undercover with spies.
Took off to Oz on a magic carpet,
for the sparkle in your eyes.

I dove with suited penguins,
slept under the starry sky.
Met the King and Queen of France,
you do this to me, why?!

Without you
Robin Hood has no arrows.
Without you
Hershey's has no kiss.
Without you
the Himalayas are a bunch of hills.
And Atlantis is just a myth.

I wish that I would say,
everything I can.
The truth of the matter is,
you wouldn't understand.

Without you
Houston has a problem.
Without you
the mountains are too steep.
Without you
the candy cane lost its swirls.
And the heavens aren't complete.

A/N : Nice and sappy. :)