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Warnings: Slash & Mpreg

The Enigma


It had been a dark time.

The War was upon the world. Men who wanted power dominated. Men who thirsted for money backed those who had the power to provide them with more money. The fabric of society was torn apart. People fled cities only to be caught by the same fighting wherever they ran. No one was safe, not even those that dominated with power or money.

The war was everywhere.

Each side thought to have the upper hand they had to have the best army, the perfect soldiers. Scientists started to play god, dabbling in the dangerous world of genetic manipulation. They searched to create the most powerful and most self sufficient soldiers for each side, pitting both sides against each other as a way of field testing their 'creations'. And thus, Exilon was born, creating a third, hidden side to the newly form triangle of power. One that thirsted for power and money. And one that had the means to acquire both.

However, this didn't last forever. No one foresaw the effect a prolonged war would have on the common people. Women and children were, of course, the first to be affected. As they were most vulnerable, they were the first to fall, causing their numbers to drop drastically worldwide. With them was a steep drop in the population and for the next ten years, birth rates dropped to a dangerously low level. It was clear to all sides, hidden or not, that the Earth was at risk of extinction.

Dr George Carlor was the head of Exilon at the time and he understood as well as anyone at the time what it meant with the sharp decrease in the vessels to carry and bear children for the entire human race. They were so close to create their perfect human, their perfect soldier. The current batches fighting in the deserts of Dealen were a combination of strength, deadly and endurance. They were a mix of both human and animal DNA, a product that somehow gave them all that was desirous in animals in terms of speed, superior eyesight and strength but still made them fundamentally human, no matter how minimal.

Now, the dear doctor merely wanted to take it one step closer. If they could make these soldiers reproduce, there wouldn't be any dependence on the female race. They were too fragile anyway. With this ability, there wouldn't be any need for women anymore. With the perfected copy, Exilon could take over the world with their private army, outstripping all current 'versions'.

All attempts ended in failure, much to Dr Carlor's frustration and later, rage. They had perfected their soldiers but failed to make them procreate. They called them the Perfect Soldier, of want of a better, more creative name and the first version was aptly named 'Ad'n', a twisted form of Adam.

Years of failure later, Dr Carlor did the unthinkable, he used his own daughter for the experiment. Perhaps if the base of the experiment already had a womb, it should make it a success, he thought.

Victoria Carlor was a woman of outstanding beauty. The most distinguishable trait was that of her eyes. They were violet with a hint of maroon outlined by black at the edges. It was said that her eyes were the cause of many man's broken heart. But after months locked up in Exilon's research laboratory, Victoria Carlor was no longer a woman. She became the ultimate creation of Exilon, a Perfect Soldier with the ability to procreate.

A male soldier.

They now called 'him' Chaim, which was the male version of Eve which was changed to Ch'm as the years rolled by.

Ad'n and Ch'm, they would herald the new dawn for mankind, for this war ravaged earth.

A new dawn for Exilon at the pinnacle of power.

If the other two side of the triangle hadn't realised what George Carlor had done.

With his power not properly consolidated and his experiments still semi completed, George Carlor was still unable to consolidate his power when the other two sides turned against him. They realised what George Carlor had been trying to do, using them both to wear each other down until he could conquer the earth.

And Exilon was no more and along with it, the war that ravaged for years.

Victoria, however, was now alone, and despite all appearances, very much a female. The first perfected soldier stayed with her, protected her and eventually mated with her, resulting in a child. Victoria, herself, now outwardly every inch a man didn't have the ability to father a child even as she could give birth to one. Those with her ability would be eventually called Ch'm, which was the name given to her when she left her female self behind. And those who inherited her mate's trait, along with the extreme testosterone overdrive when it came to protecting his mate, were called Ad'n.

Years passed and time dimmed the rumours and the memories of people. These two people faded into history, but not the race they left behind. The Earth recovered and peace reigned. Out of the ashes of war came the genetically enhanced race of the Carlors. They were strictly male with all the necessary sexual abilities of a man. Any offspring created were also male and they became a race unto themselves. Highly secretive, they faded into the hustle and bustle of life on earth, not wanting to stand out too much. There was a quirk to the Carlorians though, only one out of fifteen births resulted in Ch'm, making them highly prized and sought after.

Ultimate Ch'm were those that were closest to genetic makeup to the original which were generally stronger and smarter than normal Carlorians, had one distinguishing trait, they had Victoria Carlor's eyes.