By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Her name is Jennifer Asner,
A woman who had a lot going for her.
But that was before her past--
Which was full of secrets--had caught up with her at last,
Causing Jennifer to give up her new life forever.

After she had left town,Police Chief Thomas MacRae
Had searched for her past in a brand new way.
He had entered her name through the internet--
And discovered something that had made him regret
Typing in her name on that day.

Tom had found out that she was actually Megan O'Day,
An agent for the CIA,who had disappeared on a Friday
Afternoon after she had witnessed her unit
Do something in front of a whole family,that it
Should only be considered as done in a horrible way.

Her unit had murdered a father
Right in front of the very eyes of her
And his entire family.
After that,Megan had decided that she wanted to be
Somewhere else far away from those who haunt her.

And so,in such a magnificent way,
She had changed herself from Megan O'Day
To Jennifer Asner.
And then,she had moved to the city of Denver,
Where she could start a life in a whole new way.

But then,that was before
Some of Megan's old CIA buddies had came to settle the score
And make their 'friend' become no more.