A/N: Yes, another story. I was actually going to post this after I finished "Come Back" but I couldn't resist it. Actually, I have no idea if proxy marriages are even legal nowadays, but let's play pretend, shall we?



September 19, 2001

            "Shh, you'll wake her!"

            "She's a light sleeper, so be quiet!"

            a man, obviously drunk, stumbled into the den where the ceremony would be taking place. He fell onto the sofa, groping for a cushion. The man stared at his fingers, wiggling them this way and that, seemingly entranced by them.

            "A-Are you sure ab-bout th-this?"

            "Yes, yes, good man. You were paid, now lets get this show on the road."

            "V-very well th-then. D-Dearly B-b-beloved, w-we are g-g-gathered-"