Brett smiled, satisfied. It had been a full week since the beach and no major fights between he and Sera had occurred. Sure, there were the common, pointless tiffs on whose turn it was to do the dishes, or who got to choose the channel.

Actually, he realized with sudden dread, his self-satisfied smile fading, that he was settling into married life with stunning alacrity. Brett grimaced, shaking his head. He'd never meant to get married until in his late twenties. At the very least, and when his career was stabilized, and…

And he couldn't just divorce either. The contract bystanding- and Brett had begun to consider the contract a big joke- he didn't just want to leave Sera and run off. Whether or not it had been his fault, he couldn't do it. Not that, he admitted with a rueful smile, she couldn't take care of herself, because she was surprisingly sufficient. But there were those random bursts of moments when he had no idea what she was talking about or where she was going with her ideas. And that would probably get to be a problem.

Brett sighed. Everything was turning into a big mess, a mess that could have been avoided if this joke of a marriage had been dealt with when first discovered. Before they had gotten to know each other. Before they had become friends. Before they would become more than friends. For he knew that it could- and would- happen if left alone for any longer. And if that happened, divorce was out of the question. But then again, not divorcing was just as ludicrous.

He fell back onto the couch, thankful that at least Sera wasn't there. Though if she was, the Lakers game would have been doubly as fun to watch. After all, there was no fun at all in watching a game alone. And Sera, surprisingly, was a Lakers fan.

Brett put that thought out of his mind. After all, this game against the Pistons was crucial for the Championships. And it was already the second quarter. Damn.

Sera burst out laughing, turning to stare at Caroline.

"It's true," she confirmed, "he honestly said that." Caroline made a face, rolling her eyes. "But whatever. So what's up with you?" This was directed to Sera.

Tanya smirked a little. She had called over a number of their old friends who happened to be in town, calling an unofficial Girls' Night Out. "It's what we all need," she had explained to everyone over the phone, and it was unanimous.

They were currently in PJ's, big T-shirts, boxers, with sleeping bags and pillows strewn about. Big, plastic, colorful bowls of popcorn and cans of soda were distributed around and a chick flick was playing, though no one was paying attention to it.

"Come on, Serena Bourett. Don't you dare just sit there with that annoying I-have-a-secret smile," joked Vivienne, who had come down from Manhattan. "You met someone, didn't you?" There was a pause of silence. "You did!"

Tanya giggled. "That's only the beginning," she taunted the other five sitting around her. "Sera darling went and got herself married!"

There were squeals and shrieks all around the room. "What!" "And you didn't tell us?" "You're kidding!"

Sera frowned a little. "It's not permanent; more likely to end soon. I don't even know the guy."

"You lie," Caroline's mouth was a perfectly shaped O. "You didn't get drunk and fly to Vegas, did you?"

Sera blinked a little at this; it was actually quite close to the truth. "Not exactly. It was more of a proxy kind of thing."

Vivienne shrugged. "Really? Well, what does he look like?" She'd always been a little guy-crazy.

Sera shrugged too. "His name's Brett." She wondered if it would be wise to get into this discussion. The more she thought about Brett and their…state, she just got more and more confused. What to do? What do say? How did she treat him? Like a brother, a boyfriend, a…husband? There were so many questions, questions to which there were no answers. And, she was afraid, the more she talked about Brett, the more she painted herself into a corner.

"This brings back good memories, doesn't it?" Sera changed the subject. "Those sleepovers, prank calls to the boys, TPing. Same thing. Except we've matured, haven't we? No more prank calls. No more Toilet Papering. Good times, really."

"Yes. But you won't distract us!" Vivienne exclaimed. "But we'll give you a little time. You'll tell us in the end, wont you?" Without waiting for a confirmation, she went on, "and as for us maturing. Says who?"

Tanya sighed. "Well, we are. Unfortunately, because those days were the best. Well," she continued briskly, "no use in just reminiscing about them."

Somehow, Sera reflected, everything was just easier in the dark. Secret telling. Secret dreaming. She had just recited the entire story, and there was a comfortable period of silence, which was broken finally by Laura, who was actually the most quiet. "So what are you going to do?"

Sera considered that for a moment. "I honestly don't know. I don't see how I can stay married- especially to him, nor can I understand how I could get a divorce."

"Why not? He sounds nice enough. I don't see why you just don't try. Maybe it wasn't something that would have happened if your parents hadn't interfered, but maybe it was fate. You know I'm not superstitious or anything, but it's possible. Sera, I say you just give it a try. Who knows? It may just make you happy." Vivienne finally spoke.

"You know, Viv, that's the first serious thing you've said all night." Tanya smiled.

Sera just nodded. From what she thought, there were two choices- stay or go. And both had big consequences. The thing was, how much of a risk was she willing to take?

When she got home- home was a scary word, for it bespoke of settlement…marriage…ugh. When she got to the house, the first thing Sera saw was Brett. Screaming his head off. At the television set.

"Brett…dear…they can't hear you, you know—oh my god!" she tossed her bags by the wall and jumped over the back of the sofa. "I completely forgot and shit what's wrong with you?!"

Brett tore his eyes off the screen to stare at her.

"Don't answer that." Sera flushed. "Anyways…they're going to lose."

He sighed, sitting back from his precarious position on the very edge of the seat. "Yeah. Third quarter and down by over twenty. I don't believe this."

"I know," Sera agreed, folding her legs crosswise and kicking off her shoes, "what was that shit they said after the last game about how they were going to 'come back'?"

"I know they'll lose, but I cant bring myself to give up hope. You know? Of course you do. So what did you do today?" Brett asked, smiling faintly. "If you couldn't tell, I'm trying to be…hospitable."

"Well in that case…" Sera gestured to the wall, "I bought some shoes. And had lunch with some old friends."

"Oh? What kind of shoes?"

"If I said anything, would you have any idea what I was talking about?" Sera looked at him skeptically.

"Doubtful. I'm just trying to make conversation," Brett explained cheerfully, before frowning at the Lakers.

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