Chapter One: Man, I feel like a Woman

~Xavier stands alone in the forest near Ander's cottage, hard in concentration. The mage chants a few words and then opens up his fist towards his target. A huge explosion of light and color is seen from the cottage by its inhabitants. The mage opens up his eyes~

Xavier: Damn It didn't work

~The white vase at the other side of the clearing is still white. Xavier is clearly annoyed by this~

Xavier: Why won't it turn blue? This new spell should be a cinch compared to all of the ones that I do in battle *sigh* I guess I'll just have to try again.

~Xavier continues to try and turn the vase blue, time and time again failing at his task. Meanwhile....~

Karin: Whoa...I feel kinda dizzy. Anybody else here feeling this?

~Avila, Sway, and Savin nod. Ander just shrugs his shoulders~

Ander: I don't feel a thing.

All: *angry glare*

Ander: *nervous laughter* Um...there's this thing I gotta go

~Ander leaves the room~

Sway: Men Who needs them

~The rest of the girls nod in agreement~

Avila: *looking sick* I'm not feeling to good...

Savin: Me either.

Sway: *face turns as green as her hair as she runs for the bathroom*

Karin: *sits in chair with sudden dizzy spell* I think that's the last time we're going to let Ruphus cook dinner.

~Back at the glen~

Xavier: Curse that vase

~The vase is still white. Xavier continues to cast the spell in vain, only to have its whiteness mock him as he fails again and again to turn it blue~

Xavier: *furrow brow* Maybe if I just change the words a little...

~The mage closes his eyes once again, deep in concentration, focusing all of his powers into the palm of his hand before releasing it towards the vase. The mystical energy flows through the air at top speeds to its target~

Xavier: *opens his eyes slowly* NO

~The vase is still white~

Xavier: *screams in frustration*

~Meanwhile in the forest, Ander is busy meditating on a rock. His concentration, however, is interrupted as a bright light races towards him~

Ander: What in the Gods of Elder is that thing?

~Before the elven seer has a chance to dispel the mystical energy heading towards him, he is struck down by the bright blue ball of light~


~The smoke clears leaving a very dazed looking she-elf~

Ander: *coughs out little clouds of smoke* What the?

~He looks down at himself. Instead of his normal woodland garbs, he is in a pink frilly dress~

Ander: *gulp*

~He feels himself over and finds that he has to put this...endowed with the womanly attribute of breasts. His eyes grow wide in surprise and then lifts up his skirt to check for...well...some "manly" objects~

Ander: *eyes get teary* Oh no...I'M A WOMAN