Feel the gush
Throat ripping ass kicking
Tortured tunes of tangled love
Do you see my red eyes gleaming
Glinting like steel bars
In dark times
I would have smile if not for bondage
Tearing out my insides
Iam floating on a bubble
of that spite full swelling hate
if you could see me
you 'd release me from my predestined
faith is all I have
in this pock marked desert world
forgive me father
for my sins
but they are not completed
I have more to kill and I'll be coming late tonight
So don't wait up
Just leave a light on
or I'll never find my way to heaven
Can you see me crawling from my tortured past
Do you hear me crying hymns in the dark
Searching for some thing to light my spark
Cus I'am ruined and I like it
Love it filling me at last
I have my reasons and I'll never
Release my oh so tortured past

You drive me ever onward
Tearing searing fearing my life s worth
Is but a fable told for friend who have no life
So what if I am smart
So what if I could turn the world around
Maybe I like it how its going
Glowing and in time it'll blow apart !
So many others gone before
So many footprints on my floor
These smudges leavings of my haunted childhood
Forcing me to abort this life style
Run from feelings
Shy from fear and tear my world apart

Don't start me now
you have not lived my life
you have not taste what I have seen
or even thought that things could be so different
trapped on the outside looking in
when all I want is to be free
but there is nothing out there for me
yet I am always searching
I am forever searching

Feel the gush
and tell me you don't like it
taste my world
and let me watch you turn away
walk my paths
and I will teach you how I last the days here
share my world
and then tell me yours is better

~* I have to say this poemy song thing was inspired by Lp Rock Queens
twisted views. check out her stuph she's pretty raw for one so young.*~