I feel so distant from everything
There's this hollow feeling inside my chest
I'm on the verge of tears
I don't know why
I'm so confused
I feel all used up
Like I can't live my life any more

No one can touch me
I'm living a lie
I need a better reason
A better reason to live
I feel like I'm scrambling
Up a slippery cliff of understanding
Every time I reach the rim, I slip down again
I fall

And there's no one to catch me
I'm on my own
I've been bruised
And battle scarred
And there's no one to share my pain
I face the world alone
By condemnation, not choice

I have no one to love, no one to be loved by
I have nothing to give, no one to give to
That's why I feel so empty
I cannot give my love
For nobody wants it
That angers me
Poisons my dying heart
With a pain so intense it becomes unbearable
My soul is entrapped
Tears cascade down my cheeks
Waterfalls of sorrow pouring from my being
The anger inside threatens to overtake me
But it is lost in a sea of grief

I am withdrawn inside myself
No one wants to reach for me
To rescue me from this lonely desert of pain
To heal my wounds
Wounds from the past
Still gapping and bloodied
No one wants me
No one cares
I have been deserted
Left to die alone