I inhale cautiously
But unable to turn back
Not now
Not after I've come this far
What do I have to live for anyway?

I'm just a nobody
Nobody will notice me missing
I'm invisible to the world
Just a grain of sand on the beach
He won't care
He never sees me
I'm non-existent to them

It won't matter
None of them care
No one does

*deep breath*

I can do this
I can't fuck this up
Life is worthless
It is only in death that we are remembered
But hell, they didn't know me anyway
I ceased to live, to breathe, the moment it started
They walked right past me
They didn't see me
I was a shadow
A ghost
Worth nothing
Feeling nothing
I am nothing to them
Nothing to the world

The first cut

It hurts
But not like my heart hurts


The pain
I'm alive, I'm living
I'm somebody
I must be- this hurts me


The blood
Sticky, red
Sickly sweet, the colour of death
The blood
The miserable life that has cursed me
Seeping from my veins
Leaving me

The tears

I'm crying
Why am I crying?
This is the end
It won't hurt soon
After this, nothing will


The cursed life oozing away

The torture



Finally it is gone
The plaguing life has gone

Death's kiss
Touches my lips
At last
Something kind