Jade Mountain

Long, long ago, before the English knew about China and its many mysteries and legends, there was a mountain. This Mountain was no ordinary mountain. This magnificent mountain produced jade of wonderful colours of deep green and the purest of white.

The jade produced were unmatched from any mine in China and were sort after by the many houses of wealthy ministers and many, many Emperors ruling China.

The Mountain created jade in large pieces. As the years wore on the jade made by The Mountain got bigger. Soon the jade pieces were as big as a carriage.

The ruling emperor in this time was called Jin Da Wung and each year as the jade was produced he would order people to go and collect the jade.

Each year the number of people he sent grew and grew and Da Wung had become greedier and greedier.

This progressed until The Mountain grew to be increasingly irritated and one day all the jade just vanished into thin air. The ministers were very anxious about the Emperor's reaction and called for an assembly.

Jin Da Wung was livid with anger when he discovered that the jade was missing.

"There is a thief in this country that dares make a mockery of me! Take 10 000 soldiers and search every province in China and find this scoundrel! When he is found I will make an example of him!

I, Jin Da Wung will show all the people of MY country what happened to people that dare to make a laughingstock of me!" with that he then strode out of his audience chamber and into his private quarters dismissing his maids and concubines.

The 10 000 soldiers from the Emperor's personal guard rode out the next morning to The Mountain. After three weeks of hard riding they reached The Mountain.

The Mountain was surrounded by tress that seemed to touch the sky. A thick curtain of swirling mist blanketed the tops of the trees. The troops were nervous as the mist descended as night fell.

The commander ordered that they make camp and will wake early in the morning to investigate on The Mountain in the morning. So the troops made their camp at the base of The Mountain and waited for the sun to rise.

Nearing midnight the mist cleared and the full moon shone and lit the trees around the camp. A soldier that was standing guard saw a figure walking silently through the forest.

The figure was enclosed in a bubble like aura of white light. "Who's there?" he demanded. No answer was replied and he immediately called for the commander.

By the time the Commander arrived the person or thing had reached the edge of the camp. The Commander ordered the makeshift gates to open and along with his guards approached the mysterious figure.

Even though there was light, he couldn't see the face or the body of the person, who, was wearing a cloak as black as the darkest night.

The figure had stopped fifteen meters away from the Commander and as it finally spoke, the cloak fell away. Revealing a female elemental sprite.

"I am the sprite of this mountain that you have taken shelter under. I know that you have come to find the missing jade. Well, don't look anywhere else the answer that you seek is right here. Let me tell you a story.

Many, many thousands of years ago I was banished from the heavens as punishment for helping one too many mortals from the God's wrath. As a result, I was prisoned inside the mountain and forced to make jade for the Gods and other immortals to use.

Some nearby villagers found the jade I had made and began taking it. So I produced more and more. But." the Sprite stopped for a second before continuing. "Too much has been taken! "

Suddenly there was a strong wind and leaves on the ground started to twist and twine around her, leaves so thick that her form was soon covered entirely from sight, surrounded the elemental sprite.

"Don't ever come here again to take the jade." She shouted "I have stopped making the jade and will not make anymore until that greedy Emperor of your's mends his ways." The sprite's voiced changed from anger to disgust. "He is no SON of any God!"

The wind stopped and the sprite was gone. The night was as still as it was before. The troops decided not to try their luck further and headed straight for the Palace.

They gave their report and the Emperor realised his mistake and tried to mend his ways. Years went by and he became a reformed man.

But The Mountain never made jade again.

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