I'm scared that you're going without me
Leaving me behind
Leaving me in a struggle going blind
I'm not included anymore
What happened to the way we were before?
Before you pushed me away
I'm feeling more separate with each changing day
I wish that you could see the pain that you cause
Every time you leave without me
Left here t hang once again
What happened to my friends?
You have no time to stop and stare
To watch me being stripped bare
Tearing me from limb to limb
Stabbing me in the back
What kind of friendship is that?
I depended on you, my life in your hands
Just to watch it pour,
Through your fingers like sand
Are you really a friend ? I demand
Comes the whisper gentle at first
The second time the voice is screaming and hurt
The voice is booming in my head
Filling me will fear and dread
The voice is gripping my body
But then comes a saving thought
"Were those words really said"?