Hey everyone! Bet you all got a shock when you got a chapter update email for this story, hehehe. ;) Anyways, I decided I should let you know what is going on with me and this story and its sequel, etc etc... I am kind of doing a billion things at once. My exams are on right now, but once they're over, I will be more focussed on my writing. Right now, I am:

1) Editing/rewriting parts of Against All Odds. I've realised (partly thanks to some good reviews) that Cha has a somewhat lack of character a lot of the time, so I am sorting that out. There are also a couple of scenes where the writing is a little clunky so I will rewrite them.

2) Mucking around with the opening chapters of Links In The Chain (sequel to AAO) so that when I finally post them they won't be crap, lol.

3) Working here-and-there on two other stories I have waiting in the wings called Destiny's Path and The Hunter and The Hunted (titles may change). So yeah...I know I'm taking my time, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. And please, PLEASE, don't email me/review me telling me how slack I am or to hurry up or whatever, coz I have a life outside my hard drive that I also work very hard at.

Thanks :) Peace,