Act II scene viii

Setting- No setting. No chairs, nothing. CAT enters.


You probably all hate me… don't you? I don't blame you. Any human—no. On second thought, any living creature would agree. Now, don't get me wrong. I am in no way proud of what I did, but if you were trying to take back freedom, would you not have done some ugly things to do it? I mean, in all honesty? I was actually beginning to develop a place in my heart for Mr. Jacobs and Dr. Wakovich, but there's no room for loss of conviction in this effort. I have been trained to achieve this mission, and I intend to do it. This is war, and there is nothing pretty or tactful when it comes down to that. I will not hide behind a mask of lies. I will not apologize. I am here for you to ridicule freely, and that is that. Since the psychiatrist and I first met, this ultimate end was in effect. I was there when his secretary encouraged him that very same day, and I was ready to spring into action when he returned home. There hasn't been a single moment I was not watching and analyzing to determine my next best move. It took a lot of work, but within about two months' time, our first test run was successful. We will take over in the most discreet manners possible, and one day, we will reclaim our freedom. I pray you'll all forgive me someday. All I can say is this: watch your news, and connect the dots. The revolution has begun, and it will not be easily stopped. Adieu.

(there is a meow from off-stage.)

That's Lioness, my girlfriend. Well, I'm off.

(LIONESS enters. She is played by the same person as the SECRETARY.)


You ready, Felix?


Yes. Let's go.

(They exit, walking and rubbing against each other simultaneously. End scene. End Act II. End Play.)