A/N: Sorry it took me FOREVER to get this chapter out. I was more interested in my other pieces then continuing this one. Sorry it's so short but I wanted you to help me with this new character. Tell me what you think of him. But now here it is and I hope you enjoy!

Recap: Suddenly I heard movement coming from a brush nearby. I froze and almost fainted from fright. I looked around wildly, my hear pounded loudly in my chest. Then. Some large figure leapt out and tackled me. I struggled to get free but I found my arms were pinned down at my sides. I screamed out and the thing that held me looked startled. I glanced up to see whose dinner I would become, when I looked up to come close up with a pair of very curious blue eyes. ***


I glanced at the lad before me and saw the frightened expression on his face. He should have known better then to come about these woods this late. Humans are so ignorant and careless.
The clearing was darkened besides a few patches of moonlight so I couldn't see the boy's face. The clothes her wore were ragged and torn from thorns and were too big for his small size. I got up off of him, and held out my hand to him. He didn't move, not even blinked. I still held my hand out to him, and then wondering if he had turned to stone or something, I pushed a bit on his shoulder.
"Ow, quit it! How dare you shove me!" The lad jumped up suddenly and off came his cap. A bunch of wild red curls fell to his shoulders. I was taken aback.
"Yo-you are a lass!" I managed to gasp before I was taken over by a fit of laughing. I rolled onto the ground, tears in my eyes at the sight of the girl in male clothing. I saw her look frightened at first and then she glared at me with bright green eyes. Then she kicked me right where any male creature would cringe. I, winded, scrunched myself up in pain. I looked up to see she had a sly smile on her face. I groaned. Maybe this was what father meant by humans having a wicked streak. I think my observations of the female sex were incorrect. They seem to be independent after all.
"Don't you know you shouldn't abuse royalty? I could have your head for that!" she sneered. I shook myself off the pain in my abdomen and stood up to face her. She was a fair lass for one with such a hot temper. Red ringed curls shimmered in the moonlight around a small, cherub like face with green eyes that held a feisty soul. I immediately liked this human girl, even if she left a mighty pain in my groin.
"Pardon me miss, royalty?" I questioned. I glanced over at the rags she wore. Once again she sneered.
"Yes, royalty. I am Princess Cassandra, daughter of King Jordan of Opia, Lord of these forests and mountains." She said proudly, every syllable perfectly spoken. She sounded as if she had been trained to say that her whole life.

I froze at her words.

"Daughter of King Jordan?" I repeated, letting the words slowly sink in.

"Yes, that is what just said, or have you gone daft?" she said crossly. At that moment I grabbed her arm and started running, dragging her and her screams with me. I dashed farther away from the edge of the woods, vines with thorns tearing at my legs. The lass then started to pound upon my back, but I just grimaced and kept going. I looked up at the sky, where the moon was supposed to be. Instead I only saw a dim light shining through a gray blackness. The trees grew thick around me; I heard the gurgling of the river nearby. I noticed rabbits and other small rodents were rushing the same way that I was. It's already begun, that's why the animals are running too. I thought to myself.

"LET ME GO YOU FIEND!" she screamed so loudly I stumbled over a root and crashed to the forest floor. I groaned again, and lifted myself off the ground. I saw her running back towards the edge of the forest, and I scrambled after her clumsily. I dashed back through the brush and thorns, cutting my bare arms and ankles severely. I can't let her see what's happening. She wouldn't understand, I thought to myself.
The trees starting thinning out, and I knew we were getting close to the end, yet I was no closer to the lass, her wild curls flying in the wind of her speed. Speeding up, I tried to catch up to her before it was too late. We then emerged from the woods, now racing up a hill. This was my last chance to grab her. I pumped my all ready sore legs faster, and was inches from her slender shoulder when she stop abruptly and I collided with her. We both fell on to the soft earth, me first. I started to wonder if I should ever stop falling when I noticed that the girl had gone rigid. Her grin eyes widened at she stared off at her castle, fear radiating off her. Her face was drawn and pale, and she looked as thought she would faint. I sighed.

I was too late.