There in the darkness
sleeps the echos of the past
what none would remember
the last of the last
the willows weeping
tears, and fears
the shades of grey
always nears
the mournful fifes
that call and sing
the bells that toll
and ring, and ring
the shadows that fall
in the deep
the enchanted forests
the beasts that creep
there, she sits
with fairies and with folk
the elvish lands, and the sea
calling as she spoke
of sunset and of sunrise
of sailing far away
for she was weary of the time
though why she could not say.
For here she did not see the dark
and the sun was bright
the pearls and jewels white and blue
would e'er catch the light
but this was not to be enough
for she was cursed,
with fear,
and worst.
Upon her heart,
lonely, weeping
the darkness lay,
within her keeping
and so she passed
into the dark
and her song still echoes
to those who hark